Saturday, January 1, 2005

A gift of blue

My Nana passed away in August 2003, but it still feels like only yesterday. She was my Dad's mum, and had 4 children. All 3 boys lived away from Brisbane, but her daughter, Marilyn, stayed in the same city. Eventually Nana sold her old Queenslander in Mitchelton and moved to the southside to be nearer her daughter.

I had bought some old 1930's style transfers of tea cups a the Sydney craft show in June 2004. I started embroidering quilt blocks with them straight away, with absolutely no purpose for any particular finished product. I was on block number 3 when I phoned my aunt one day. She told me that the biggest thing she missed about Nana was the cups of tea they would have every afternoon as Marilyn made her way home from work.

From then on I knew my quilt had a purpose. I surprised Marilyn with it earlier this week when I was in Brisbane. She cried and so did I. And she absolutely loved it. I called the quilt "Blue China Teacups".

Here are some photos. The first is of my Dad and Marilyn holding the quilt.

Dad, Marilyn and the quilt

And this is a terribly blurry photo of a block. All the blocks were different with the exception of two.

Blue China Teacups close

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  1. So glad to have seen the finished quilt! It looks great! I meant to tell you that Mum admired it too after the CQs meeting last year.
    Looks even better in this photo as I had a chance to see it in slow motion and see how the blocks are laid out so cleverly with the white/ blue large blocks in the corners.
    You are smart!!!... Lidlfish, no longer the mountain goat!


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