Sunday, February 18, 2007

Breaking all the rules

Latest quilt
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Just the top so far. Originally a UFO, I decided on Friday night that I needed a single bed sized quilt for my weekend away at Cobargo (next weekend). Most of these blocks were already sewn 18 months ago, and were planned for a queen sized quilt which never eventuated. The fabric is mostly Jane Sassaman and Valori Well designed, and I won all the centre squares at one of the Canberra Quilters evening meeting raffles.

Anyway, I broke every single rule when making this top - and I doubt there is a 1/4 seam anywhere in the quilt. And it lies flat!! Look at that, quilt police! Of course the best bit is that I thoroughly enjoyed making! And that's all the quilt police should care about (because it's certainly all I cared about).

I am slowly free motion quilting this, and hope to start the binding tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Michelle, I missed your posts. Its good to "see" you again. Nice quilt. So "happy" colours. I like the square ccombination.


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