Friday, July 10, 2009

We'll fly on love's big air balloon and pop it on a crescent moon

We had another beautiful half sunny/half cloudy winter day today. Did I garden? No. Go for a walk? No. Stay inside and sew all day? Well, yes actually.

Most of the attraction for me in making stuff is the wonderful fabric I can use, and because I am so fabric-oriented, some fabrics can get boring to me, very quickly. So I finally cut some new boxes for socks(es) out of new fabric I bought the other week. The elephants are supremely cute. I may have to get more fabric and make a box for myself. The toys one has very unisex vintage sheeting as the lining, so this is suitable for boys. These are in the shop now.

New Boxes for Socks(es)

I made the flower brooch from yesterday's post, but it was a massive fail. Only because I used the wrong fabric and the wrong thread, mind you. If I'd actually had some cotton lawn and upholstery thread we would have been cooking with gas. I was thrilled to have an excuse to my hot glue gun for the first time in ages. Gosh, I lead an exciting life, don't I?


I'm going to design my own, I think. Something a little flatter and a lot less petally.

Is petally a word? It totally should be.


  1. such lovely fabrics! I love that bike one =)
    I think the brooch is cute too =)

  2. These are so cute . I went to buy the elephant but someone beat me to it . I hope your garden is fine by itself so that you can sew lots more of these gorgeous boxes . :)

  3. Diane_S - thanks for the compliment! I'll be making more of these, so keep an eye out, or contact me and I can do a custom one for you.

  4. More excellent boxes for sockses!

    I think the brooch is quite nice actually, but I guess if it doesn't exactly meet what was in your mind then I can see how it might be disappointing.

    yeah, make your own design - weeeeeeeeeeee!

  5. I am a huge medium weight fan, to me it feels like quality. Your bags are fantastic, brilliant even. I love the design.

  6. Thank you for the very delayed reply. Or maybe I did reply...I dont remember now. :) Thanks for the pattern appreciation!

    These little bags are super cute! I wish I could sew. Well.

  7. Very cute bags and flower Michelle! Those fabrics are fabulous!

  8. OOOh - I might have to come and visit - I love the elephants - although I love the spots and cats too.......

  9. Beautiful boxes, would be grand for a little boy to put his treasures in...


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