Saturday, August 15, 2009

When good crochet goes bad

Remember these socks?

Red Socks

Red, Wollmeise, crocheted, gorgeous and so comfortable. They were awarded highly commended in the show, too. Want to know what they look like now, after just six or seven wears?

Wollmeise socks - fail

Remember this cardigan?

Chevron lace cardigan

Green, merino/cashmere, so very soft, and a first prize winner at the Canberra Show. Want to know what it looks like now, after just a couple of wears?

Chevron Lace Cardi - fail

I first wore this cardigan in Melbourne back in March, and managed to leave a trail of green fluff from the city to Fitzroy and Thornbury, up Degraves St, and through Parliament Station. A massive fur ball was also left in the ladies' bathroom in my hotel foyer, as I tried to use a wet paper towel to remove the green fluff from my shirt, jeans, bag and hair before I hopped on the plane. Urk.

When I returned home I washed it. Just a gentle float in some tepid water, but boy. Did she stretch OR WHAT? She grew about 20 cm in length, and about 10 cms around the shoulders, and the shoulders were already too big on me. I decided to frog back to the shoulders and remake it, but the merino/cashmere blend proved to be too difficult to frog, and I was doing more cutting than unravelling. Plus the fluffing problem was still there. I cried a little bit over it - I really did love this cardigan, especially it's colour.

Then someone told me that if I used a worsted weight yarn rather than a DK, I'd be able to retain the recommended hook size (I had gone up a size to get gauge) and still keep gauge. And she was right. Smart Cookie.

Chevron Lace Cardi

I made Chevron Lace Cardigan II in just 12 days, and it has been worn quite a bit ever since I finished it last month. I used Cascade 220 worsted in black. Sorry about the terrible photo above, but it's so hard to get black to photograph well.

When I washed it, there was no stretching, no blooming, no nothing. It pills a little bit, but with the amount of time I wear it and the fact I wear a backpack as a handbag, that's not at all surprising.

Not too sure what to do about the red sock, but I have now been put off short-row heels forever. They are just not strong enough. It will either be heel flaps, or afterthought heels from now on.


  1. Is that the one you wore to SnB the other night?? Looked gorgeous!
    Sorry to hear about the socks too ;-(

  2. Oh what a shame about your first cardy, such a pretty green! It is a lovely pattern. I just added you as a friend on Rav, hope you don't mind.

  3. Oh NO! Wollmeise is far too expensive for that kind of wear...

  4. I reinforce the heels of all my socks with perle 8 cotton in a shade to match. It gives the heel a slight shine but makes them stronger . I feel your pain over Wollmeise . Ouch

  5. OH NOES!!! Oh I would have cried too, both over the cardi and the socks - gah!!

    But gee the black version looks great. Doesn't that Cascade 220 rock!!!

  6. I feel your pain. Can say no more. Too choked up...

  7. The new black one looks delicious...

  8. Maybe entering stuff in the show is your jinxing factor. I love the black cardi, even more than I loved the green one.

  9. oh so sad! I don't crochet clothing but I would love to make myself some socks......maybe one day.

  10. Oh no, so sad about your socks, they were beautiful. The green cardy looked beautiful but if it was defluffing everywhere I'm not surprised it got frogged. The black cardy looks very versatile, someone else was extolling the virtues of cascade 220 earlier this week, I may have to get my hands on some and see what it's like!

  11. oh dear, no good on both accounts of yarn failure. I'm particularly astounded by the Wollmeise failure. Is that a regularly occurring phenomenon, or were you just (un)lucky.

    The cardy looks great in Cascade 220 (and with that stripy long sleeve top).

  12. Oh so sad - I have some merino cashmere socks - same thing after I wore them once - I darned them and same thing again.

    They are going to become sock monsters for the kids. Or hand puppets. Or something non-sock!

    so so so sad for you!

  13. Leah, my sis dyes wool for socks and it s a blend of fibers that you need. You can contact her at heyna in petticoats, her link is off my blog. She has had the same problem in the past...I hope that helps.

  14. Oh pet that is awful! for the amount of work that goes into these things you really want them to last for ever.

  15. Oh , how heartbreaking ! I love that green cardi ! Having said that , I love it in black too . Beautiful work .

  16. What a bummer. I would be pissed. The black cardi is super cute!

  17. Oh a sunnyboy, can't wait to see, great idea with the flickr group, i'll start one soon and let you know. now you are making want to get the sewing machine out, i think i'll have to do.


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