Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just like last year, we spent Christmas at home here in Canberra. At this time of the year, travelling so far to see family (either 800 km one way or 1400 km the other way) for only a few days is exhausting and ridiculous. For the last two weeks I've been flat out driving up Northbourne Avenue without some idiot wanting to kill me with his or her car, so I can't imagine travelling safely for such a long distance.

An idiot is how we found ourselves with unexpected guests for Christmas lunch. Our friends (not idiots) were on their way to Victoria to see their family on Christmas Day when they were cut off by another driver. They ended up totalling their car on a guard rail, but thankfully they weren't too injured apart from whiplash and seatbelt bruises. After the Mister drove in the pouring rain to pick them, their dogs and all their gear up from the side of the highway, they came back here and shared our lunch with us, because heaven knows I had more than enough food! I think we all counted our blessings that day. In the excitement I forgot to take photos of our lunch, but I can safely say that there was a lot of food, served on a lot of vintage Pyrex.

Since then there has been a lot of gardening, swimming and sewing. He's been gardening. I've been swimming and sewing. We picked 47 little nectarines off my tree and they are all delicious. I don't even know what day of the week it is. This staycation is really rocking my world and I can't believe I have another week off work (I think - I still don't know what day of the week it is).

Yesterday I made two A-Line skirts. Count them. Two.

Skirt #1

Excuse the poor photo- I'd already worn it riding to and from the pool, had it scrunched in the bottom of my bag whilst swimming, worn it in the car for an hour as we drove around town getting haircuts, and then made lunch in it. Plus I can't seem to keep still. I used the most beautiful Japanese linen given to me by Liesl and a Simplicity 5208 pattern. And no, I don't normally tuck my shirts in, but I wanted to show off the lovely yoke/waistband.

Skirt #2

Dress two is made from a navy blue linen blend that I have had in my stash for about 10 years, and Butterick 6841 which I'd had just as long. It was starting to look a little corporate as I made it up with all the darts, so I added details like an orange zipper and orange top stitching on the hem, side seams and waistband. Much nicer, and much more casual.

Contrast topstitching
Contrast zipper

Next on my list is a dress using Burda 8379, and another skirt using the fabric I bought from Tessuti's the other week. I'll report back!


  1. Really love the contrast zipper and stitching - great idea that I may borrow for an upcoming skirt! have a great rest of staycation (good word, by the way)!

  2. Oh wow Michelle, what a great Christmas holiday you're having. Glad your friends are okay. Love the skirts - great fabrics and styles (and those red sandals are super cute too). Nice work!

  3. Loving those flashes of orange.

  4. So glad your friends are ok! But your staycation sounds wonderful! I have staycation envy.

  5. Wow - thank goodness you're friends weren't more seriously injured. What a close call.
    I've been procrastinating over making myself a skirt this week, and you've managed two! I love a bit of orange topstitching - just gorgeous.

  6. I'm so glad your friends are OK! There are indeed some idiots on the road.

    Love your skirts, nothing like a staycation to get into some sewing action.

  7. Idiot drivers, I hates them! Lucky you guys were home to host your poor friends.

    Staycations are great aren't they! And it looks and sounds like you are having both a productive and relaxing one - yippee!

  8. Great skirts but hell those shoes are awesome!!

  9. Glad your friends are ok and that you were around to help them out. I have a dream of a staycation...one day it will eventuate, when the kids are older! Such a wonderful way to spend your holidays, making things for yourself!!

  10. Sounds like a great way to spend a holiday. The skirts are ace!

  11. Well Happy New Year to you Michelle, all the best in 2010 & hope to do another market along side you again soon. Have a blast lovely, love Posie

  12. Your friends are very lucky to have you. I'm glad they are OK.

    I also have skirt envy, but moreso I have red sandal envy! They are spectacular.


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