Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Such a big girl's blouse

The very crafty Kuka and Suzy have decided to host Big Girls Blouse Month.*

Big Girls Blouse Month

I have long struggled with the extra challenges that an ample boobage offers, and in addition I have a long upper chest too, resulting in a low bustline, gaping armholes and darts in all the wrong places. Normally I try to ignore it and just put up with the ill fitting upper wear that I sew and crochet, but I think it's time to get technical and brave, and familiarise myself with full bust adjustments and low bust adjustments ... and actually do them. So I'm joining in.

I have armed myself with my Sandra Betzina Fast Fit book and my work buddy's pattern adjustment notes from when she was at fashion school. I'm sure I'll be fine, but maybe wish me luck just in case.

*(As an ex-English teacher trainee and pedant, I am very conflicted as to where the apostrophe should go. I may not be able to sleep tonight as a result.)


  1. I'm with you on the apostrophe issues.... why oh why does the english language need to be so complicated and conflicting?
    Good luck with Big Girls Blouse month!

  2. Good luck.
    I am planning to learn to make a shirt this spring for this exact reason. Thanks for pointing this sew-along out - I'm in.

  3. haha that's exactly why there is no apostrophe in there!
    I'm excited to see what you make!

  4. let me know when you figure out where the apostrophe should go!!

  5. After the 's' if there are more than one of you girls involved...I think...

    I also have some boobage issues, so I'm interested to read more about what you find!

  6. please let me know what you do, fellow booby one... I really want to know but I'm covered in children at the moment so it's hard to teach myself...

  7. Will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with! as a side note it's such a shame that designers and pattern drafters don't realise what a large market there is out there for 'real women' shaped garments and patterns!

  8. The blouse of one girl or more than one girl? I believe it should be girl's blouse (if it were more than one it would surely be girls' blouses). And yes, I am an English (as a second or subsequent language) teacher (to adults), why do you ask? LOL

  9. apostrophe in or out? don't ask me, i had enough trouble spelling apostrophe.

    good luck in getting to know your bust!!

  10. Oh you crack me up, as a scientist, i would say Big Girl's Blouse but only as a single Big Girl having ownership of one blouse.
    Nothing is designed for ladies with boobs, as so many designers are men or too thin to be well endowed upstairs. Even we size 12 boob types struggle. Don't ask me about what i did when breastfeeding (including twins) that just wasn't neat in the top department. Happy sewing, darting, designing, nipping & tucking!! Love Posie

  11. If only patterns had a few simple adjustments as well as a few sizes.

    Here's a tip for the broad shouldered - pulling across the bust can sometimes be fixed by adding an extra cm to the outside of the shoulder seam. (Eg - add 1cm in height to outside shoulder of pattern piece, rule line direct to original neck corner - so you've added a very thin triangle of fabric to the pattern, with a bit of extra height in the shoulder.)
    Much easier than changing bust darts etc - b ut it will only work if mega-shoulders are part of the fit problem.


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