Thursday, May 6, 2010

Help! Orange penguin fabric

Orange penguins

Would anyone have any of this fabric they could sell me? It's Kokka linen/cotton fabric from a couple of years back, orange with penguins. I have a customer who desperately needs a replacement for a penguin sunnyboy she lost. I've googled for it, with no luck whatsoever!

I only need 43 cm x 23 cm (or 17 in x 9 in) and I would love you forever if you could help me help someone else.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I tweeted it for you.

  2. Have you tried the Sewn fabric finder?

  3. Amitie had one bolt of this design (but I can't remember what colour!) a couple of months back, they might be worth a call.

  4. May I suggest asking on the group called "Quilters Knitting" on Ravelry?


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