Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Carrie and I have our next market this Sunday, at the Old Bus Depot Markets' "Creative Fibre Day". I'm a lot more relaxed about this market than the May market, and given my desire lately for a more balanced life I've resolved to only sew market stuff for one hour a day. I know - that didn't sounds right to me either, when I decided on it!!

In progress

But it's amazing what happens when you make yourself NOT sew, as opposed to making yourself sew. Suddenly you're enjoying it a lot more, and you're racing the clock to see how many side seams you can sew before time is called. You look forward to the next day when you can sew again, and that hasn't happened in a long time when it comes to shop stuff.

A friend has asked us over for dinner on Thursday night. I immediately said no, as I had a market to prepare for. And then I realised how stupid I sounded. Giving up a night of laughs and good food with lovely people, for sewing? Was I nuts?

I am looking forward to downing tools on Friday night (my self-imposed deadline - what isn't made by Friday isn't going to be made until after Sunday, and that's final) and sewing a little for myself though. I have some pretty wonderful pieces of fabric waiting to be made into skirts and dresses for winter. Yesterday I got my We Love Colors tights order, and now I just have to make the outfits that are supposed to go with the amazing coloured tights.
Book case

I'm also looking forward to going through my neglected sewing and quilting books. The best kind of inspiration.


  1. It sounds like you are arriving at a very good place. I am so pleased for you. Wish I could pop into the market and say Hi. I loved going to the Old Bus Depo Markets when I lived in Canberra. I don't think they were called that back then (1996).

    Anyway, keep up the balance business. It sounds like it's going to serve you well.

  2. Good idea with the sewing deadline, I loaned my machine out the night before my last market and it was great to not have the temptation in the house. There's always so many other little things that need to be sorted before a market without staying up till silly hours sewing.

    Hope you have a good one.

  3. Wow, I am impressed with the freedom you've found by limiting your market sewing. That's so cool! Let us know how Sunday goes. I look forward to seeing what you make for yourself after that.

  4. How nice to find the sewing love again. It is interesting how stopping something can suddenly make it enjoyable again. Good for you!

  5. Looks lovely, and I am glad you are enjoying the prep. Are you around on Saturday so I can drop off the tree?

  6. Good on you for sticking to your decision! And glad to hear that you're enjoying sewing again now because of it. :)

    I ended up turning on my sewing machine last night, instead of doing some more knitting, and found myself eager to stay up past my bedtime in order to keep sewing! I'm going to have a simple quilt made in no time and it feels great!

    Funny what happens when you use a little restraint! ;)

  7. Love the deadline thing - I do that with cleaning. Set the timer for 15 minutes - whatever is done - yay! whatever isn't - too bad. Gives me lots of motivation. I'm bummed I can't come to the market although my bank balance will probably thank me.
    Looking forward to pics of tights - and the corresponding outfit too!!

  8. good idea- I'm glad you're having fun with the sewy bits!
    I thought you were knocking back dinner for the GLEE FINAL!!!

  9. Hope the market is a great one, you sound so much happier for your deadlines. Well done :-)

  10. So glad to hear you are sticking to your plan ~ that's very inspiring. I don't know if I could down tools so easily ...

  11. I just ordered from We Love Colors - I can't wait for them to arrive!


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