Monday, August 16, 2010

Desert songs

My trip to Central Australia was wonderful, heartbreaking, beautiful, harsh, and astounding. Even after a week of being back, I still haven't found the words to describe my experiences because they are in my heart and head, and I don't think it's anything I can, or will, be able to share with anyone who wasn't there with me anytime soon. Instead I'll let my photos tell some of the story.

We based ourselves in Alice Springs but by day two of our trip, my friend Helen and I were at Uluru.


Uluru at Sunset

On day three we embarked on an OMG O'clock sunrise walk of Kata Tjuta (also known as the Olgas). It was warmer than we were expecting - t-shirts and shorts, not thermals and polartec jackets.

Kata Tjuta - sunrise

Kata Tjuta

We never got sick of seeing red sand.

Sand dune near Curtin Springs

Or spinifex, for that matter.


I'm a bit of a nerdy geographer, and Central Australia provided lots to be fascinated about. All that rock and sand and the birds and the plants, oh-my-giddy-aunt, the plants. On the fourth day I walked along the creek at Kings Canyon to see things from down below, while Helen walked up on the rim to see things from up above. One day I may have to compare the photos we both took in a post. If you too are a nerdy geographer, you will love them as much as I do. But in the meantime you just have my photos.

Kings Canyon

There was a massive storm passing overhead while I waited for Helen to return from her walk.

Kings Canyon - changing light

We went back to Alice Springs and met up with our friends Susan and Julie, as well as Anne and Barbara and Colleen and a few other surprise friends we knew from Fiji, in Todd Mall. As you do.

And then we drive out to Ross River for a few days of singing in the desert. Except it was green and a little bit rainy, and finally, cold. With about 90 of our newest friends, we sang in one of the most amazing places on earth - Trephina Gorge. Afterwards we took our shoes off and waded up the gorge. Getting frozen feet was totally worth it.

Singing at Trephina Gorge

Singing at Trephina Gorge

Trephina Gorge

There was a gobsmackingly beautiful sunrise back at Ross River.

Sunrise at Ross River

And when the singing was all over we danced a crazy dance, even though were were really, really sad to be leaving.


We headed back into Alice Springs and I unexpectedly ran into extended family in the hotel. As you do. Amongst many other things we did while back in Alice Springs, Helen, Julie, Susan and I checked out Desert Park where we happily spent 6 hours there photographing, walking and being constantly amazing by the birds, plants and views of the West Macdonnell Ranges.

Desert Park

Desert Park

And then it was time to come home. The End. Or is it? I'm already my planning my next trip ...


  1. Your photographs are just stunning! It looks like it was an amazing trip. August is such a beautiful time of the year to visit.

  2. oooh Michelle - it just looks incredible! And your photos are divine! Thanks for sharing them! x

  3. Incredible images Shell. Such amazing country, and beautifully captured.

  4. Beautiful photos Michelle, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I hope your beanies went down a treat.

  5. The desert has captivated me ever since my first visit. I too never get sick of red sands, grasses and the amazing wildlife.

    And Uluru is a magic all of it's own.

  6. Stunning photographs. Awesome. So very dramatic.

  7. Wow - your photos are amazing! Such depth of colour too. I have never been to the NT, I really must go there. Looks like August is a great time to do it.

  8. Welcome back! Your photos are stunning and it sounds like you had a great trip

  9. Wow. I so want to have that trip. It sounded fantastic and you did so much and experienced so much - not to mention all that bumping into people. All the planets must have been aligned. How are you coping with this dreary, cold and wet back at home?

  10. Spectacular and awe inspiring.

    No surprise you want to go back. Gorgeous photos, love the new camera and the skill of the photographer!

  11. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to go there one day.

  12. Those images are just amazing!! Loving the new camera??

  13. ooh, lovely lovely pics. What were you singing?

  14. BEAUTIFUL! I want to go there! :-)

  15. It does look like a wonderful trip. And can I put in a vote for that photo comparison post? it sounds really interesting.


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