Sunday, October 3, 2010

41 Reasons

It's my birthday today! Well, it was actually last Monday, but we had visitors (again - this is the last time I allow this to happen, I swear) who always seem like such party poopers. And I LOVE birthdays. Not to the extent of having wild birthday parties, mind you - just celebrating with good times and food and laughter with my nearest and dearest! Last Monday it all seemed too hard to celebrate, so I postponed it till today. Yay! Schedule for today - breakfast, National Gallery of Australia, movies and a rugby league final on the telly. And I have the next three days off due to a public holiday and some much-needed leave from work.

I'm going to be off the air for a while as there is just too much to do around here. While I'm away, there might be some of this happening:


Painting the kitchen cupboards, finally, after years of procrastination on the perfect colour.


I found this wobbly old chair at an estate sale for next to nix, so I think some new nails, a splash of paint and some fancy fabric will bring it back to life.

Hexagon Quilt

I won't deny that I have been spending my evenings trying to finish off this quilt top. So close now ... so close ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have you seen the Australian dollar? Ridiculously wonderful, isn't it? And if you haven't caught on yet that the last of the Buttontree Lane stock is listed at very cheap prices (I haven't adjusted the USD for the strong AUD) you'd better catch up! Due to a cancelled sale, there are 3 boxes and 2 sunnyboys left and there won't be any more after this!


  1. Happy Birthday! I like that you can reschedule your birthday. Have fun playing with paint and fabric. When your back you'll have to show us some progress shots. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!

  3. Happy birthday Michelle. I hope you have a lovely belated birthday. I do like your style. Delay it till it suits you.

  4. Happy Birthday Michelle (for last Monday and for today). I think you should make it a birthday week to make up for putting up with miserable visitors! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Happy birthday!

    Can't wait to see how the chair turns out.

  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful!! Hope it was fantastic. 41 and the fun's just begun! xo

  7. Happy Birthday! I like to extend a birthday for at least a week! Hope you have a bit if a rest on your time off as well as those jobs!

  8. Oh, I love those quilt pieces! Happy birthday to you!

  9. I'm determined to get back into the sewing as well, so in anticipation I went to A2F on the weekend and got fabric for backing and binding. SO inspired now!

    Happy Postponed Birthday! and sorry to hear that you're going to be off the air for a while. Though I must admit to doing the same kind of thing of late...


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