Monday, February 13, 2012

The Line Art Quilt - beginning

Once upon a time, I came across a beautiful quilt kit in an online store, and tweeted about it because I was so in love with it and couldn't get the concept out of my head. But the postage was kind of prohibitive. Like a LOT prohibitive. Angie, known round these parts as Gnomeangel, also fell in love with the quilt, so we hatched a plan to DIY this 'quilt kit' ourselves. The Line Art quilt pattern is a freebie, so we thought we'd also have a lot of fun having a two person quiltalong.

Line Art Quilt
Image by Svetne

I did a good image search, and came across a few different versions of this quilt. I wanted to see how other quilters had done it. And I wanted to do something completely different, mainly because where's the fun in doing a colour scheme someone else has already done?

Image by Blarna2001

Line Art quilt
Image by s.o.t.a.k. handmande

The fabric we decided on was a roll of pre-cut strips of Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids, which was actually what was used in the much-lusted-after-but-expensive-international-postage quilt kit. The strips are bold, brash and totally wonderful. The beauty was going to be in how we matched them with the background fabric. The original quilt kit had a white background.

Line Art Quilt

On Sunday Angie and I met at our local quilt store, and decided on fabrics. Before I arrived, I was fairly convinced that I was going to select a soft polka dot. But on auditioning my strips against those fabrics, I realised I wasn't after a muddled look. I wanted clean, defined colours, similar to a box of freshly sharpened Derwent coloured pencils. So I headed for the shelves of solids.

Line Art Quilt

Off-white turned out to be quite beautiful, but I resisted as it would have been exactly the same as the original quilt kit. But then I spied the citrussy grellow solid, and...

Line Art Quilt


I was sold. I may have to eliminate some of the yellows from the Kona cotton strips, but I don't need the entire roll so it will be OK.

Now to get His Royal Kaffeness sewn together and off the design wall so I can start on this new baby!

Angie will also be posting about how she came to her background fabric choice (wait till you see it! DOUBLE KAPOW!) so check out Gnomeangel for the other side of our story.


  1. Oh, you have inspired me. I now desperately want to make one too!! And co-incidentally I just sat down to watch a show I have a love-hate relationship with (Martha Stewart) and she has this very style of quilt on her show today!! (Well this time last year) I think I am fated to sew this. I love the gorgeous yellow with your rainbow stripes too!!

  2. Loving this quilt design! It's going to be the brightest happiest quilt of all time.

  3. Oh very nice! I clicked on the link from GnomeAngel's blog and thought the kit was reasonably priced. But I guess the postage was what killed it huh? After I finish my sewing course, I just might have to start one!

  4. Kapow indeed! That will be amazing!

  5. This will look stunning! Great choice for back ground colour. You've given me the inspiration to convert a jelly roll I have lurking around into something usable. Thanks!

  6. wow - gorgeous inspiration quilts (the one at the top is amazing!)
    I love what you've picked for yours - the yellow is amazing!
    Can't wait to see it come together! =)

  7. I love it! I am going to be attempting one of these as my very first quilt!!

    Great colour choice :)


  8. I can see why you fell in love with this quilt and I'm in awe of your colour choice, so brave and bold - love that!

  9. Hi! I'm the svetne that made that first quilt. Thanks for featuring it here. :) I just wanted to let you know that I've gotten a ton of questions about this quilt and I'll be blogging about it this weekend. Feel free to jump over and see more about it.



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