Thursday, April 19, 2012

Melbourne, oh Melbourne

Last April I really wanted to go to AQC, or the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne. Except that I wasn't very well in April last year, so I decided to wait until this year instead. AQC consists of a whole lot of classes, a quilt exhibition, workshops and a retail hall, but for this year I decided just to attend for a day or two and see the quilts, do some half hour workshops and, ahem, shop a little. It was held at the most beautiful building, the Royal Exhibition Building.


Inside were exhibits including the Best of the Best from the state and territory guild shows around Australia. There were lots of New York Beauty quilts, which made me all clappy and cheery because I think New York Beauty has always been one of my favourite blocks. In fact I made a small New York Beauty Quilt about 10 years ago for a lovely friend's 40th birthday. It was hard so when I see New York Beauty quilts in shows, it makes me so happy and I have to admire the tenacity and skill of the quilt maker.





There were other quilts. Non-New York Beauty quilts. This one is a pattern by Kim McLean but I didn't check to see who had made it. I loved the fabrics used.



This quilt is by Gloria Loughman, and it reminds me of the mangroves in the Town Common of my hometown Townsville, and university geography camping trips to Hinchinbrook Island with the amazing mangroves at Nina Bay and in the Hinchinbrook Channel, and fishing with my dad in his tinnie on Trinity Inlet in Cairns.


Don't you just love how the triangles become the tree canopy?


And a trip to the Best of the Best wouldn't be the same without visiting Sarah Fielke's quilt "A Wing and a Prayer" because I'm actually making this quilt. I bought most of the fabrics at Patchwork on Central Park while I was in Melbourne , and I am starting the background squares tonight.



In my last post I alluded to it being the perfect combined weekend of football and quilting. That's because I invited the mister along, and promised him we could go to a St Kilda game.

St Kilda v Bulldogs

St Kilda v Bulldogs

St Kilda v Bulldogs

And then it so happened that the next day was the St Kilda Members' Day at Moorabbin, so as we are both members we decided to trek out there.

They have a Heritage Museum at Moorabbin and there were some treasures there, I tell you. Treasures! Like Stewart Loewe's bronzed boots.


And a larger than lifesized photo of the man himself.

Ah - Stewart!


On our last day, we had brunch with Cam from Curlypops. Cam and I have been virtual friends for years and years and finally we got to meet. She is as lovely as I expected to be. Of course we both had bacon. It was a realtime, real-life #baconpalooza

Then Cam drove us to see Liz at Gleaners Inc. I hadn't seen Liz for yonks, so it was good to see her in her new shop. It was a complete coincidence that I was wearing a necklace that Liz made, and Cam a brooch.

Michelle, Liz and Cam

And then we flew home. Perfect weekend of quilting and football and the weather was fantastic. And I'm so inspired after the quilts I saw.

But I'll have to leave the quilting for later on. Because right now I'm going to cook some dinner and THEN I'm going to get my Glee on.


  1. And next time there's better be a meet up with me! To give you a big hug! Glad you had a great time, and my (adopted) city put on a splendid show for you! Now off to watch Glee too.....

  2. Wow, those New York Beauty quilts are amazing! I think the first and third are my favourites, just amazing!and I love how different but related they look.

    Looks like you had great seats at the football too!

    1. Fantastic seats!

      It's one of the many things I love about New York Beauty - you turn the blocks around and you get a totally different quilt!

  3. I'm totally bummed that I didn't wear my red shoes... then we could have all been matchy matchy!
    Loving the 'Wing and a Prayer' quilt - hopefully next time I'll be able to come to AQC!

    1. That would have been super freaky if you'd worn your red shoes too - both wearing Christmas frocks/skirts, both wearing Lino Forest, both eating bacon, BOTH WEARING RED SHOES ...

  4. WoW! What a fantastic getaway! I've never done quilting, but have always admired those who do, the sheer amount of work that goes into them. The New York Beauty quilts are staggering!!! Just looking at the piecing boggles my mind! It must have been amazing to go through the exhibition.

    Oh, I wish football/rugby was more popular here in Canada, because I LOVE it! I remember years ago while at uni, I stayed up late reading with the TV on and stumbled upon an Aussi football game - I was transfixed!!! It's such a fast game, it's fantastically exciting to watch! :)

  5. What an awesome weekend! I just love the pic of you in front of the life size footy player pic. :)

  6. Those quilts are so wonderful, looked like a perfect trip. But seriously, I'm going to have to get myself one of those fringed dresses in the glee clip.

  7. Wow, some amazing and inspiring quilt designs!

    I'm a bit of a newbie to quilting and have actually been inspired by my daughter of all people (she's only 17 and I'm 43!). She's asked me if I could make a quick history of our family and put it on a quilt. I'm not sure how long it's going to take, but I figured I'd give it a try. I bought some stuff online here because of my sore hip (I can't be out walking at the moment).

    I just had a look at your Buttontree Lane shop on Etsy and it said its currently closed. Are you planning on making anything again in the near future? I'd be interested to hear how you do it and see what you make. Your site is inspiring to me!

    Sally Anne


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