Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Lotta Hexies Olympic Challenge - day 5

So a lot has happened since I last reported at the end of day 2 of the Olympics coverage.

Day 3 hexing at a friend's house

On Monday I was supposed to go to one of my choirs, but everyone was busy so I went to my friend's house (who hosts the choir normally) and I hexed while her and her daughter and the two labradors watched the 'lympics on the telly. We drank tea. There were Monte Carlo biscuits. There may have been some questionable humour. At one stage I christened the equestrian commentator "Lucinda Toffee" and then we all impersonated her glorious clipped British accent. There was a little too much laughter, and yet by the end of day 3 of the telecast I had this.

At the end of day 3 of the Olympics

Because no one believes just how huge these hexagons are until they see them for themselves, here's a photo with my large piano-player hands for scale.

At the end of day 3 of the Olympics

On day 4 I missed a lot of the coverage, and therefore the opportunity to hex, because we were busy researching and booking a holiday on the internet. Yeah. It was tough but I soldiered on.

End of day 4

Day 5 of the telecast started as soon as I got home and turned on the TV. I got a bit of sewing done, cooked dinner, then had to leave for my other choir for a few hours. Later, sometime during watching mad buggers in canoes fight against the forces of a massive stormwater drain, I'd achieved this.

End of day 5

It's time to sew those strips together. I've sewn the first two, but it's a lot of work and I've been putting it off. Perhaps over the next couple of nights I'll get that done.

So how's everyone enjoying the Olympics so far? Personally I'm loving having a few teams to barrack for * - covers all the cheering bases!

*Australia, Holland (I'm half Dutch), Afghanistan (just because), Bhutan (long story), Ireland (I like their national anthem) and any other small country that has more officials than competitors in their team.


  1. Wow! You are making amazing progress. I didn't realise the hexagons were so big until you put that scale photo up. I thought they were little and was wondering how many you were going to have to do.

  2. great work! How big are you going to make your project?

  3. Dude! Your hexies look a whole lotta amazing!
    I'm loving the lympics too , and also enjoying getting behind a couple of teams - I was so excited when I thought the Danish guys were going to win at the rowing!
    Also loving Lucinda Toffee - we're watching all the equestrian and she is really quite hilarious =) x

  4. Michelle it looks brilliant! I have a fq bundle of echo (and am super looking forward to bella) and seeing your progress is so inspiring. I notice the pinkish print is missing from your hexies- is this intentional? I pulled it out of my bundle because I don't like it.


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