Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inactivity OVER

This morning I woke up, changed into my togs, swam 30 laps, had coffee with a friend, had coffee
another friend and then went home to do some more sorting of my sewing room.

Yes, the sorting has been going on forever. And this morning I kind of lost my temper at it. Or got overly enthused. I cleaned the last of the stuff out of the low cabinet, and moved it out of the sewing room.  The Mister removed the hooks and nails from the wall and then it was ready to start moving things.






(Stuff was all over the house. It's true. It made me twitchy.)

We slowly moved the Expedit shelf to the other side of the room. Heavy blighter.


I like it so much better. I'm still sorting it all out, and I still have piles of stuff to sell all over the house, and i still have to install the design wall to the wall where the shelf used to be (directly behind where I sit at the sewing machine) but I think this is going to be such an improvement and I'll be so much merge productive and happy as a result.


Photos when it's all done! And this time I promise.


  1. Should be super when it is all finished and sorted!

  2. I am envious. My sewing room is a pit and I won't have storage until we rip it out and refit it. I was in Ikea this week stroking Expedit and sighing hopefully. Have fun with the sorting. You'll find all sorts of forgotten treasures!

  3. Oh I love tidying up, it so satisfying.
    look forward to seeing the end result.

  4. Looking good, and like Evie said, I hope you find lots of treasures.
    Also, after pledging that I have to finish 5 WIPs before another project....the Scrappy Trip Around the World bug was nipping far too much at my thoughts, so I have started on my own. Thanks for the inspiration; for both the quilt and doing some daily activity.

  5. Yay! Can't wait to see how it looks when it's done! X


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