Sunday, June 1, 2014

Me-Made-May - the last 11 days

Phew! We're done!

May 21

Me-made-May day 21

My second Tonic 2 tee. (This has since had the sleeves shortened to summer length.)

May 22

Me-made-May day 22

My Paron Multicities skirt with matching blue dunny seat. This skirt has had a couple of wears this month. I need to fix the lining though.

May 23

Me-made-May day 23

Locker room shot! Also a Three-Made-May day - croheted cardi, tonic tee and skirt.

May 24

Me-Made-May day 24

You know how it is - you are invited to a birthday party and you have nothing to wear. An hour later, the problem is solved with another Tonic 2 tee (with thanks to my new overlocker)

May 25

Me-Made-May day 25

Wore the same Tonic 2 tee to the swimming pool, in the garden, and to the garden centre. BEST SHIRT EVER.

May 26

Me-Made-May day 26

This must be the third or fourth wear of this skirt this month. And that dunny seat is pretty damn awesome.

May 27

Me-Made-May day 27

Skirt. Crocheted scarf held in hand. The weather has been really mild for most of May, so for once Me-Made-May in Canberra has been very pleasant.

May 28

Me-made-May day 28

Skirt, scarf.

May 29

Me-Made-May Day 29

Skirt, shawl, bus pass. Bored now.

May 30

Me-Made-May Day 30

Skirt, shawl and a fabulous dose of afternoon hayfever.

May 31

Me-Made-May day 31

Finally, the end. A new Tonic tee. I also wore this to dinner that night with the shawl from the day before.

So what did I learn from this year's challenge? Not including the revelations from yesterday's post, I learned that:
1.  I have some great staples in my wardrobe
2. I really do need more winter skirts
3. I need to make more t-shirts for lounging at home as my old Bonds ones are dying and heck - for a few bucks of fabric and an hour of my time, I can have a whole new t-shirt.
4. A pair of lounging PJ pants would come in handy for those days I was home sick (there were a few this month)
5. I have a great looking pattern for leggings and a new found love of knits. I should get on that.
6. I hate selfies.

I hope my fellow sewists enjoyed Me-Made-May as much as I did, and learned as much as I did. This year has been a revelation - I went from wanting to quit sewing at the end of last month, to absolutely being in love with it all over again.


  1. Do love the Tonic Tees, especially the orange umbrella one - I have to get the pattern for that! As for the dunnies - they are stars!

    1. The dunnies became a little bit of a running joke after a while!

      Yes do track down the pattern - it's a good one!

  2. I'm chuckling at the lift photo - the mirror in the lift in the morning is where I finally check my hair and that everything's straight! Thanks for sharing these photos, Michelle. You have done a great job and inspired me to get back to making my own clothes again also. My overlocker is a four spool but still pretty old; I love it, though, and it makes such a neat seam finish even for anything sewn on the sewing machine. Just makes knits so not-scary.

    1. I have to get SO crafty with the lift! Have to make sure no one else is in there, and that it isn't stopping for a floor! I only work on the 5th floor of a 6 floor building with just 3 lifts, so it's rare to get the lift to myself!


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