Sunday, August 31, 2008

FO: Ribbed Hiker Socks

Last night I got all my sock yarn and put it on the spare bed.

Sock yarn stash

Do you feel stressed? I feel stressed. As a consequence, some Opal, TOFUtsies, ONline and Patonyle are in the destash bin at Ravelry. I'd love it if you could take it off my hands (and off my spare bed).

In view of the fact I've only ever made three pairs of socks, and but seem to have a full Icelandic winter's worth of sock yarn, I ploughed ahead and finished off my Everest socks (besides, Nurse Scott had me on sofa confinement last night and there was nothing else to do.

Could this mean a *ahem* Finished Object??

Ribbed hiking socks
(Do you like my PJs?)

Pattern: Ribbed Hiker Socks from the Crocheted Socks book by Janet Rehfeldt (could link, but couldn't be shagged). I called them Everest Socks. I have no idea why I did that.

Yarn: Patons Patonyle in blue.

Hooks: 3.75 mm for cuff and heel, 4.0 mm for foot.

Ribbed hiking socks

Notes: I refused to do the stupid stitch specified in the pattern for the foot, so I just did single crochet instead. I also totally altered the heel flap as NO ONE can have a heel as big as Our Janet seems to think people have. The leg is also shorter. Let's face it, there are so many annotations on this pattern I may as well write it up as my own. And as bulky as they look, these socks are perfect for getting on to my huge foot. And they're comfy. So there, crochet naysayers.

As soon as the ends were sewn in on these, I started another pair.

Pebbled sand socks

They are called Pebbled Sand, from the same book. I'm using some lovely Regia Canyon sock yarn via my German Crack Connection, and it's a shame that the yarn and pattern don't match each other, but I'm enjoying the surprise that comes around each turn. Besides, I'm a crocheter and no one ever said I had to have sense and good taste as well.


  1. hee hee, I won't flash my sock yarn stash then!!

    Love the Everest socks and the new ones too - great colours in that yarn!

  2. Pshaw! That's hardly anything - by my count it's only about 25 pairs of socks - a mere bagatelle! Love the old and new socks - pretty (and the PJs) - seems to be some wollmeise in there - not getting rid of that are we?

    Hope you're 100% soon (like the pirate project bag)

  3. the pirate sunnyboy is so cool! you know i want one :) and it never ceases to amaze me that you can crochet socks! you so clever...hope youre cute pjs and cute nursey are helping to make you feel better xx

  4. at last count i had enough sock wool for 65 adult pair of socks and 6 kids pairs..i think i am up to about 70 adults pairs now. i am almost too scared to look. i really have to find time to knit more socks!!

  5. oooh now that's a serious collection of sock the new socks and the great flannel pj's!

  6. That is an awesome collection of sock yarn! It's all so beautiful!

    The socks look terrific. I really like the pair you are whipping up now.

  7. What an impressive collection of sock yarn! I have quite the collection myself.. though not for socks.. mine is for everything else! I could'nt bare to part with any of mine though.

  8. I love your Everest Socks - what a beautiful colour. And now I have seen a project to aspire to, when I can crochet better (um, a lot better).

    Hope you are recovering ok from your op. I remember feeling as if it was ages until I could stand straight after mine. Having your appendix out really takes it out of you. Take care!

  9. Just catching up with the news - bloody sorry about the appendix. Hope you are healing well.

  10. I am running to ravelry right now. I need to destash some of my yarn, but I've also been wanting to get some more! It's a never ending cycle!

  11. I love this collection of sock yarn - its so beautiful and colourful it seems like a shame to separate them!


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