Monday, June 23, 2008

From El Paso to Texarkana

Marina, Port Douglas

What a wonderful trip. It was warm and there was lots of mum's cheesecake and trips to Kuranda and Port Douglas and the Cairns Esplanade. No one complained about me crocheting all the way up and back on the plane. I was so happy, I didn't even snarl at the All Saints actress on the plane who said "ooh pretty knitting". I even finished another baby jacket and crocheted half a scarf.

Succulent flowers

There was all the colour of a wintertime tropical garden, and sunshine, and blue, blue skies and the smell of mangroves and the feel of salt-laden wind on my skin.

Dickson Inlet, Port Douglas

But now I'm tired - bone tired - and in a lot of pain from too much plane travel and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. I'll be back in a few, OK?


  1. Welcome back, the photos are gorgeous! Hope to have you back on your feeties soon!

  2. Good to have you home, and glad you had such a lovely trip. And no problems crocheting on the plane? One more good reason for me to learn to do it again!!

  3. Welcome Back! Sounds like it was a wonderful break.

  4. Yeah! It sounds like a wonderful break. Did the Mr go too, or was it a solo trip? I love Cairns, but more I love Mission Beach where I spent some lovely childhood holidays (and a few grown up ones recently with D'Arcy)

  5. you crocheted?? On a plane??? Alice Springs here i come - with a hook!

    What an evocative post though....get well soon.

  6. What a lovely break - and lovely to have you back!!!

  7. Oooh lovely all round! I'm impressed that you were allowed to crochet on the plane - some progress!

    Beautiful photos too :)

  8. so glad you had a wonderful exhausting time! if they let you crochet on the plane do you think they will let me knit on the way to melbourne or are knitting needles still considered a weapon of mass destruction?

  9. I'm officially jealous now. My partner and I have just had to give up the idea of going back to Cairns for a holiday this year and we are both a little bitter. Glad you enjoyed some time away and some tropical weather though.

  10. I love your picture of the jasmine. I have never seen it, and now I want to!
    Missed you at the weekend, but I hear you got the gig on Friday night, so it wasn't missed for nothing.

    You must come next year.


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