Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is ... a favourite recipe I'd like to share

This is not your typical food recipe, but if you like garlic, vegetables and gardening, it will be right up your alley.

First chop up half a bulb of garlic.

Garlic spray 1

Then add it to a 500 ml jug or bowl of not-quite boiling water. I just use tap water - but only because our solar hot water gives us about 90 degrees (thank heavens we don't have children in the house).

Garlic spray 2

Let the garlic steep in the water for about 10 minutes - stir it occassionally and press the garlic pieces against the sides of the jug.

Decant the garlic water mix through a sieve.

Garlic spray 3

Pour the water into a spray bottle, and you have ...

Garlic spray 4

... garlic pest spray! Perfect for eggplant, capsicum and bok choy seedlings that can just go "pfffft" in the middle of the night when the bugs take a liking to them! We use it every few days until the plants are strong enough to deal with the pesky blighters themselves.

And for another gratuitous gardening shot, here's one of our carrots, pulled yesterday.

Early Nantes carrots


  1. Oh, funny! You completely had me. I love garlic. I was wondering what yummy thing you were concocting. :)

    When I had mastitis I treated it homeopathically and did much the same with garlic, except I blended it with oil and made garlic oil compresses. I smelled horrific, but it worked--no antibiotics necessary. Garlic is just wonderful stuff, isn't it?

  2. oh is that how you do it? I've been meaning to make some for a while. Thanks for that.

    Fab carrots.

  3. Such a well written story - the clues leading the mind to wonder at all the possible paths the tale could take, then ta-da the witty conclusion.

    What is it with these word verifications? i have dalityp - but this is far from the only typing I'll be doing today.

  4. Too funny!

    You had me at garlic though... I love the stuff... especially on bread with lashing of butter and a sprinkle of grated parmesan.. then grilled in the oven. YUM!

    Thanks for the tip.. I will try it out.

    xox Nic

  5. excellent - like Bells I was wondering how you make up garlicy spray!!!
    ps we're so having garlic bread with dinner tonight!

  6. Oh, now I want garlic bread too!

    Look at those lovely carrots - you are a clever gardener!

  7. Mmm...lovely carrots! Garlicky something for dinner for sure :)

  8. Excellent recipe! One of my basil pots went pthhbbt overnight just like you described. Maybe I need this garlic sauce to keep off the beasts.

  9. I do a very similar thing with chili wonders on those pesky june bugs!

  10. oh thanks for reminding me about the spray cause something is eating my snow peas- your gardening efforts are such inspiration.

  11. Ha ha ha, I loved being led along there! Fabulous idea, thanks for sharing!

  12. Those carrots look impressive. I never manage to succeed with carrots.

    Thanks for the garlic recipe. Just what I need.

  13. Thank you Thank you!I will be making this tomorrow as we have lost a few plants already! Do you think it would work on a wild rabbit that has taken a liking to eating some of my plants, digging in the garden and pooing in the sand pit???


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