Sunday, November 30, 2008

Viva Bris Vegas

This weekend I left Mr QM to his tomato stakes and irrigation dilemmas and escaped to Queensland for a short visit.

There was beautful food, good company, and lots of cuddles from the Aunty Chelle Admiration Society (est. 2006; 1 member).

A little cross-country toy drop happened today - details to appear soon! In Paddington, QLD ...

Little Owl drop

... and Ainslie, ACT.

Petal Snooty Bird drop

And yet there is still no shop update to report. The good news is that my back is finally starting to feel better. The bad news is I can't find my sewing table.

Sewing room


  1. That is one cute little nephew! Great work with the Toy Society. Glad to hear that your back is improving - and still giggling at your sewing table. It looks a little like our dining table...

  2. Oh he is adorable! =)
    The Toy Society looks totally cool - can't wait to here more about it! =)

  3. Very cute nephew :) Cute toys too - should I zoom off to Ainslie now with a torch.....

  4. Hey, "they" say a messy desk is a sign of genius...that goes for sewing tables too obviously! :-D

  5. That cross-country toy drop is spreading the love! It looks like you had a lovely time with the appreciation society (very cute). Hope your back gets better soon.

  6. I keep meaning to check out that clothes shop at Ainslie shops too!!

    Quick trip to QLD looked like fun - very cute nephew!!!

  7. He's so cute!

    Hope the toys find some loving owners.

  8. What a lovely quick trip!
    I'm admiring your proper sewing table (with the machine drop down thingy) and your machine with lots of buttons to play with.
    It looks like my kitchen table at the moment.

  9. oh a toy society drop - wish I had found it - Any news yet?

    I spent yesterday lunch helping make a great little softie owl with my 8 year old neighbour - she finished it by the time lunch was over, it was stunning, so I was thinking it would make a great quick project for a drop.

    And I also spent yesterday within similar disappearing sewing tables - i decided the desk, sewing machine and guest sofa bed needed the 'master' bedroom more than I did - chaos reigns till I can sort it all out.

    goregous nephew

  10. Oh cute kiddie photo! Lovely.

    I'm sure your sewing table is there somewhere....

  11. Michelle I think that I know you. Did you get picked up one day from a bus stop in the pouring rain by this random lady. If it was you, that is me the random lady.

  12. We think the toy drop is very cool and want to get in on it, thank you for inspiring us! Cheers: Linda, Elizabeth, Cheryl.


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