Friday, February 27, 2009

I can’t sleep for all the bright lights of this cheap hotel

Carnival Clowns, originally uploaded by marty_pinker.

I finally made it to Friday evening. I can hardly believe it. Work has been so unbelievably busy and stressful. This afternoon I managed to leave early for a massage appointment, and my therapist, for the second time in a month, looked like she was about to write my resignation letter for me. And then she spent the next hour kneading out the stress lumps and knots in my back and jaw.

Even though work is over for another week I'm already thinking about what time I'll start on Monday morning.

This is nuts.

In order to relax after my massage, I tried sitting on the couch and doing nothing. It's hard doing nothing when your brain is tick-tick-ticking constantly. Three loads of washing and a cooked dinner later, I'm now flicking through my craft books to work out which project will be first in my challenge (already a week late). I want to start so much, but I'm stuck. I don't know what I want to make. I don't know what I want to finish.


The Royal Canberra Show is on this weekend. I wasn't going to go, but then someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And I think together we are going to have an absolute blast. I want to look at the crochet and quilting sections in the craft pavilion, at the food and flowers and fruit and vegetable displays, and at the sheep and alpacas. And I want to challenge my friend to a game of clowns. And then maybe we'll have a dagwood dog and try not to throw up on the walk home!

But before all that happens I have 64 laps to swim and dinner to cook for our usual Party of Six on Saturday night. One of the party is only five days away from her due date, and we've been warned to have towels and boiling water on hand.

(I hope the homemade raspberry icecream I made doesn't send her into labour.)


I'm really going to enjoy my weekend - I can already feel it. I'm going to have fun with my friends and swim my stress away and forget about nasty stuff and horrid people and the economic crisis for two whole days...

Yep! Forgotten! Bring on the fun times!


  1. Yippee for weekends and fun at the show! Let your hair down, forget about work, try the roller coaster if you dare.... ok maybe stick to crafts, animals, and food (that's where I would be).
    I'll be dreaming of that raspberry ice cream tonight...mmmmmm

  2. Bugger the dinner party, enjoy the icecream tonight (or better yet, send it to my place, I'm sure it will go well with my homemade rasberry vodka cruisers).

    I am off to the Canberra Show tomorrow, do you reckon anyone will notice if I walk out with that green cardigan I can't stop thinking about tucked discreetly under my arm?

  3. I am very impressed that you do 64 laps - every time I see you at the pool you look so fresh.

    I do 18 and am buggered after.

    Enjoy your weekend as if Monday will never come

  4. Oh dear , I have never ever swam a whole lap in my life....

  5. 64 - wow! Have fun at the show - there's nothing like it :)

  6. Hope you can go the whole weekend without thinking about work!

  7. hurrah!!!
    And ponies too?
    Your mad ice-cream skillz are leaving me for dust! (hehe)

  8. I so know how you feel at the moment. Too many bloody things to juggle and think about and worry for...

    I hope you have had a fabulous weekend.

  9. Have a great fun time at the show - do all the kid stuff. I particularly adore any ride which spins me round and turns me upside down. My idea of heaven. Love 'em

    have a wonderful weekend!

  10. it is sunday night and I hope work was pushed miles and miles away this weekend.

  11. hope you had a great weeekend

    stoo-pid work, Grrrr

  12. Work stress is not fun. Not one bit.

    Hope you had fun at the show.

  13. How was the show? I keep forgetting it's on until it's too late. I hoep I will remember next year!

  14. I just saw something that I might be able to help with!

    I have a friend who actually calls hotel room lights and the light that filters in through curtains light pollution and has a portable blackout kit that you can take withyou while travelling

    it is called the blackout curtains to go kit - check it out if you ever have another sleepless night while in your hotel room! Cheers!


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