Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To a land where joy shall never end

Georgia's diorama

Last weekend I went to Melbourne to eat cupcakes and macaroons.

Paul's amazing macaroons

More cupcakes

And play with dolls.

Redheaded kenner

A mass of Blythes

A wonderful day was had in Spotswood with all my Blythe friends. We played and laughed and ate and ate (and ate) and became friends in real life, even though I had only met one of them before. Putting faces to forum names, and therefore faces to the owners of much-photographed and admired dolls was rather special. Accidentally meeting the gorgeous Liz from
Lino Forest was just as fabulous!

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Given that crochet content (any content, for that matter) has been seriously lacking on the blog this year, I'm going to make up for it by showing you two finished objects, both entered into the Canberra Show this year, and both products of this year's stash reduction exercise.

Chevron lace cardigan

Pattern: Chevron Lace Cardigan (Ravelry link) by Milobo

Yarn: Naturally Me DK (80% merino 20% cashmere) in what I called "Catholic Schoolgirl Green". It's exactly the colour of the uniform of St Joseph's in Mundingburra, Townsville, circa 1975. (I went to Mundingburra State School right next door.)

Hook: 6.5 mm bamboo

Timeframe: January 12 - February 14. There was a good two week period where I couldn't touch it due to it being too hot to crochet.

Modifications: This is a top-down cardigan, so I added only one extra row to the sleeves, five rows of single crochet on the lapels, and four (perfectly matched) green vintage buttons. I'll probably only wear three done up.

Notes: This cardigan used about 7 1/2 balls of yarn, a miracle for any big-girl crocheted item, in my opinion. The Naturally Me yarn is the softest and most luxurious yarn I've ever used, and the fact that this cardigan only cost me $16 due to a Cassidy's sale over a year ago is an added bonus. I think this cardigan will get a lot of wear. I can't wait to get it back from the show on Monday morning - I'll be wearing it to work that day, for sure.

Around the Rosy baby blanket

Pattern: Around the Rosy baby blanket by Woodhill Design

Yarn: Patons Totem 8 ply in a guacamole colour. I think I used 9 or 10 balls. I forgot to count.

Hook: I think it was a 5 mm bamboo. Again with the forgetting.

Timeframe: December 26 - January 11. I crocheted and ripped the outer popcorn stitch about 3 times, as I kept coming across mistakes than I just couldn't live with. Otherwise I probably could have finished it on January 1st.

Modifications: Significantly less rows than the pattern stated - as the blanket was being made in wool, and it's for a real baby, it was getting too heavy to make any bigger.

Notes: I made this blanket for our friends who are having their first baby in a couple of weeks. The father was Mr QM's ex housemate and one of the witnesses at our marriage, and they are both fantastic friends to us - kind, loving and very, very giving. They don't know what the sex of the baby is, and I had 17 balls of this colour in the stash and figured it was a nice unisex colour to make a blanket in. Once I retrieve it from the show, I'll wash it, reblock it and present it to them.


  1. Maybe it is something about a school called ST. Joseph's because mine was and that green looks reeeaaally familiar ;-)

  2. Lotsa green tonight! Beautiful stuff. I admired the cardigan as soon as I saw it on Rav. I really, really like it.

    and the blanky! Adorable. I think that's close to the colour you used for Grace? So perfect, really.

    Amazing cupcakes. Lovely weekend!

  3. I would really like to see more of your Blythe world.
    Your crochet work is fantastic, I must have a go, wish I had more time.

  4. Oh, wow, on the cookies and cupcakes. The crocheting too, of course, but I'm hungry at the moment, so I'm really digging those food pictures.

  5. Michelle - great post! Cupcakes YUM. The Blythe dolls have always fascinated me... any more photos? That green cardy looks stunning - I can't wait to see it in person at the show on the weekend. Well done.

  6. Oh that looks like a *lovely* tea party. And the cardy looks fabbo - I have quite a bit of that lovely wool too thanks to Cassidys - really must get goin on it.

  7. I love that cardigan. It so beautiful it makes me think of trying to give it a go so I can have one for myself.

  8. Very nice to meet you too Michelle.
    You're even friendlier in the flesh!
    I nicked a couple of those ladybirds..very delish!
    Oh, and I spy Miss Lily in the group shot pic.

  9. Hmmm, I went to a St Joseph's primary school in Brisbane which also had bottle green uniforms. It didn't put me off green, but other schools left their marks and I still can't consider royal blue a reasonable colour for any item of clothing. And maroon only in small doses.

    That cardigan is beautiful! I love green, all kinds of green.

  10. Wow what a wonderful tea party. I adore those Blythe dolls. Your crocheted cardigan looks beautiful and I love the baby blanket too.

  11. Love the crochet cardi - can't believe it only used 7.5 balls of yarn!! Amazing.

    And the Blythe tea party looked like so much fun! Dolls! Cakes! Macaroons! And new friends - yay!

  12. looks like you blythe girls throw a decent tea party! your green crocheted things are divine, cant wait to see them at the show, i'll be there with the dogs again xx

  13. What a pretty cardigan - love the colour you have used. The Blythe tea party looked like fun!

  14. What a delightful looking weekend! Is that a 'keep calm and have a cupcake' poster I spy in the background?

    I can't wait to see your entries in the flesh this weekend. The cardigan is beautiful and the blanket is so pretty. The greens will certainly give the pastel entries (of which I'm sure there is a few) a bit of a shake up!

  15. The cardi is gorgeous! I remember feeling the yarn at your place when it wasn't quite done and it was super soft too.

    As for that blanket - just lovely. Well done!

  16. Chevron lace cardigan is gorgeous! Congrats on the win at the show, Was it for the cardigan or the blanket? Both are stunning!


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