Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I spilled the ink across the page trying to spell your name

Thank you so much for all you lovely comments on the re-stocking of the shop! It appears the boxes for sockses are pretty popular - I'll be making some more and putting them in the shop in the next couple of days. Hopefully soon I'll have a break from work (I'm calling it "unemployment by choice") so that I can put more effort into Buttontree Lane. I have missed it so much. And I have heaps of new ideas (and heaps and heaps of fabric to make things with. Shhhh.)

My latest pick-up put-down project has been stitching some hankies. I just love handkerchiefs and being a chronic hayfever sufferer I never stray far from home without one in my pocket and a couple in my handbag. Call me old-fashioned, but there is nothing like a clean, freshly ironed handkerchief to pull out of your pocket when you are about to sneeze. Handerchief ironing is the only ironing I love - it's always been that way, from when I first used to iron Dad's handerchiefs when I was a wee thing. Shirts? Not so. Hankies? Bring it on!

I think we can blame my short attention span, for that!

Stitched handkerchiefs

I find it a little difficult getting nice white ladies' hankies which are suitable to stitch, but I discovered some pretty coloured ones in a boxed set from David Jones a couple of months ago, and I've been keeping busy prettying them up. As usual I've used Sublime Stitching patterns. They really are fantastic to use - cute, sassy and with a sense of humour.

What I am currently reading

I'm currently reading Molly Wizenberg's book "A Homemade Life". Molly is the author of Orangette. This book is beautiful. I love nothing better than really well-written stories. Really well-written. I have laughed, and cried, and read every word of the recipes and loved how she words them. Have I made anything yet? No, but I might. Can I put this book down? No! And I'm not looking forward to finishing it either. How will anything else compare?

Only two days to go until the weekend. I'm already scheming - planting bulbs, swimming, sorting out the vegetable seedlings and sewing. If St Kilda were playing on free-to-air TV that would just make the weekend better than perfect.

Listen to me - having a great weekend before it's even happened.


  1. I put in a birthday request for Molly’s book sight unseen. It’s on its way so now you have me positively stalking the postie.

  2. Ohh. I love that kitty kat. She's got a very knowing look about her. Like she knows where the mouse lives. Good luck with the unemployment by choice. I so want to be there. We'll know the outcome of the spill at my workplace by the end of the week. Maybe, just maybe, I've offended just enough people.

  3. oh what a marvellous weekend. and those boxes deserve to be a hit - they are very cute

  4. Of course everyone wants their very own box for sox - they're fantastich! Now I just need to contrive a reason to buy a second one! ;)

    I hope your unemployment by choice comes sooner rather than later. Can't wait to see all the new fabrics and what you turn them into! I think it would be fantastic to have a bit of time off work and be able to spend that time making things. :)

  5. The hankies are gorgeous. I bought the Sublime Stitching book and have been trying to think of some projects to make. Hankies are a perfect idea.

    Glad you have a great weekend in store for yourself.

  6. Oh welcome to the ranks of UBC (Unemployed by choice!) - I love the hankies (al;though I don't embroider - and I love my hankies too - actually, I loved stealing my dads - soft and crisp at the same time - and you, naughty enabler - are responsible for my only parcel this week - if you hadn't sent me to Saffron Craig, I would never have had the newsletter and never known about the sale and never bought stuff and blown my budget.

    There are going to be owls and dinosaurs round here in the near future!

  7. I love hankies too - but I have to admit, I don't iron them.

    Am sure you will have a lovely weekend - if you do all that is planned, it is almost guaranteed!

    (I missed the shop update :-( Hope I catch the next one!!)

  8. I love the hankies. so cute. It makes me want to start using them. The only thing i iron at the moment is my uniforms but i would take pleasure in ironing those..

  9. I love hankies. They make me feel cared for when I'm sick, much more than a tissue.

    And I'm glad you've restocked the shop cos now I can get a box bag. Wheee!


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