Thursday, January 21, 2010

Icecream talks

After I made my first lot of icecream a year ago, I bought an icecream attachment for my Kenwood Chef. From that moment on, there really has been no stopping me. I've made blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, mango, passionfruit and mango ...

... and now rhubarb. I used a recipe from Sugarlaws and rhubarb from my garden. Oh, that icecream looks so beautiful and pink and cool! But I was going to have a problem. Can you see what it might be?

Rhubarb from the garden

What about now?

Rhubarb in the pan

I worked out by this point that my results were going to be, well, interesting. And hopefully delicious.

Rhubarb ice cream

And yes, it is delicious. I've never seen ecru coloured icecream before, but I suppose that is what happens when three of your rhubarb plants are green varieties, and only one is red.

In what may be a plan doomed to failure due to our own laziness, we have decided to only eat homemade icecream this year. While we are not usually huge icecream quaffers, we do like a spot of vanilla on homemade apple crumble in winter. In the meantime I'm going to keep trying different ice cream recipes ... and then I'm going to try even more! And I have plans later on the weekend for these little fellas.


Plumcots from my workmate's garden. She has an enormous crop and doesn't make jam, so we've been eating them every day at work since last week. Today she brought me in my own bag of plumcotty goodness, just for icecream. Bless.


  1. Didn't know rhubarb had stem colour preferences, my dad's always had both. Even if the outsides were all red though the insides would be green but maybe you would end up with chocolate coloured rhubarb icecream! Hope the plumcot icecream works out well, they are tasty little fruit. Were you going to try any sorbet's at any point, sometimes they work nicely with the more subtly flavoured fruits. Loooking forward to many more ice cream posts, who knows you may inspire more people to make their own :-)

  2. I didn't know rhubarb came in any colour other than red! Good luck with the plumcot ice cream - I'm sure it will be yummy too!

  3. Delicious! Would rhubarb and apple work?

  4. Oh Wow delicious!
    I want to go and make ice cream now! LOL

  5. I want to make ice-cream, or come to your house for a bite.

  6. Yum - good idea! Also - never heard of or tried a plumcot, but what's not to love!

  7. droooooooool! It all looks and sounds so delicious.

  8. Yum, icecream. Yum, plumcots! Icecream attachment for the Kenwood Chef? Hmm, must Google.

  9. Icecream is icecream no matter what colour - Yum

  10. Wow, amazing choice. I think i've had pistacio gelato in Italy that colour?? We use KitchenAid ice cream making attachments from that amazing Essential Ingredient in Giffith/ Manuka/ Kingston, all those suburbs merge to me. Happy licking that delicious icecream, see, boiling hot weather here again AGAIN!! Are you swimming happily in the mornings?? Love Posie

  11. Mmmm, I'm on a huge icecream kick right now - but my absolute favourite is peanutbutterchocolate from Baskin you think I could make that in a home icecream maker? (if only I could fit one in the freezer...)

  12. oh ice cream and homemade ice cream wow.
    I must say, I had a double scoop of coffee gelato the other day and oh boy didn't I enjoy it.


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