Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wardrobe Refashion

Late last year, I took the Wardrobe Refashion Two Month Pledge. I've pledged that I won't buy anything new and that all clothing must be recycled, renovated, preloved or thrifted, or handmade only. Thankfully there is a get out of jail free card, which is lucky because I've already used it on a jade green silk shirt that was so beautiful and so on sale that I just couldn't leave it there for someone else to buy.

In the meantime, sewing activity has slowed to a dead stop due to this blasted heatwave we are having in Canberra. The sewing room is not the coolest room in the house, so we've been spending a lot of time instead with ice blocks and iced tea in front of a fan and the tennis on the telly. Which is a shame, because the sewing backlog now looks like this.

Sewing queue

To compound matters, yesterday there was a shopping trip to Spotlight and now I'm obligated to make a lined skirt, a blouse and a frock. Not that I'm complaining, mind.


  1. Oh dear, I am going to Spotlight tomorrow too and my sewing room looks much worse than that! Why can't they self clean? And why can't the occasional craft project finish it's self? :)

    Loving the look of those fabrics and your other completed garments of late. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I am glad you found some great fabric at spotlight. I broke the fabric diet with a trip to ATF on the weekend- eek

  3. Phew, the heat, my studio is the HOTTEST room in the house - full afternoon sun, takes forever to blow air through & make workable. Which reminds me, i should be sewing/ tidying/ organising in there now, not blogging!! Love Posie


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