Sunday, June 6, 2010

Come on lady - do the motivation

Late winter afternoon - inside

It's late Sunday afternoon. I'm sitting in my sewing room for the first time in weeks. The sun is streaming through the windows. I do a little bit of mending, and then turn my attention to some half-made sack bags ... and wonder "why?". Why am I doing this? More importantly, why am I not enjoying this?

Late winter afternoon - outside

I look outside and wish I was there. Even though I know I've already spent the whole morning in the garden, getting my hands and boots dirty for the first time in weeks. It was so good to get back out there, and not feel the pull of the sewing machine or the pull of my bed after all the viruses I've had lately. It was especially good to spend an hour this afternoon hiking on the side of a mountain, enjoying the sounds and smells of the bush. I've promised myself that we will do a hike every weekend during winter. I need to balance my spare time a lot better than I have been. I need to stop saying "yes" when I really want to say "no".

Better get back to it then

I'm going to cook a big batch of shepherd's pie and chilli to keep us in warm winter food for a couple of weeks. So the sewing machine is being turned off for the evening. It can wait until tomorrow night, when I'm hoping the motivation and love will return.

It really does need to return - I have another market in a month.


  1. Its frustrating when you have the time but not the inclination isn't it?
    Don't stress, have fun in the kitchen !!!

  2. Hmmm - I know the feeling. Best not to think about it, and your mojo will be back - it doesn't like to be ignored!

  3. Don't fear... Your sewjo will return. Especially if we get some of those blistering winter winds!

  4. Hard to have the sewing mojo when the weather is sooo nice to be outside - great walking time I agree...we had a nice one around the lake yesterday. Take the time I say....and don't worry about my header thingo.

  5. I hope you find it soon. Would you like the tree again?

  6. Good for you for knowing when to stop. It's amazing how quickly the motivation can return when you get your priorities straightened and treat yourself nicely. :)

  7. I love the light that we have in Autumn, so peaceful. Hope you get your sewing mojo back.

  8. Mmm! I can understand just how you feel.

    I wish I could say the sun is streaming through the windows here! It was sunny for a couple of hours this morning but now is mostly overcast and coooooooooold! At least it hasn't rained (yet)!

  9. I think I need to learn some moderation as well. I meant to get out in the garden last weekend, but I end up packing so much into my weekends that it's Monday morning before I know it. :(

    Hiking through the bush sounds lovely, especially considering the great weather we had on the weekend. Maybe sitting in the sun this weekend knitting beanies will inspire me. :)

  10. Balance is an elusive thing. I hope you found some mojo for your sewing, or took the sage advice of others and left it to rest.


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