Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Girlfriend in a coma

I have been on the go since dawn this morning, with a madly busy day at work, a long walk to the bus stop and then home, running errands once I finally got home for a husband with a really awful case of man-flu (which I thought was a bit rich seeing as he had the car all day) and then I cooked dinner and just about fell asleep in my mashed potatoes.

Last bags ... ever

Once I awake from my coma (I'm sleep-typing at the mo, don't you know), I'll be photographing and listing this stuff for the Etsy shop. It arrived from the gallery in Braidwood today.

And then once that's done I'm going to treat myself to a good sit down and read of this, which also arrived today.

Interweave Crochet

Can't wait for this coma to be over.


  1. You scared me. I read that blog post heading and really thought you had a girlfriend in a coma.... phew!

  2. Enjoy your coma , count it as rest !

  3. Jealous jealous jealous I haven't got my copy yet! I'll be stalking the postie tomorrow! You'll snap out of the coma soon I'm sure.

  4. My IC arrived earlier this week but I only had a chance to read it today - or at least half of it. Some good patterns this one, I think!

  5. I may have to go looking for that book. Hope you find time to make what is on that cover! How cute is that.
    PS by the way....I love that you wore a red dress to prom!


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