Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stormy Sunday


We've had wild, wicked, wonderful weather all weekend. The kind of weather you crave when you are hoping for an excuse to sit under a rug, crochet, and drink hot chocolate. Not so great if you have a leaky roof or a wayward gum tree that likes to lose it's limbs when it blows a gale - and you have to feel for those people who have really suffered as a result of this stormy weather, including our emergency crews. Here, we've been fine. No leaks, no power outages, and an overflowing frog pond is our only concern for the moment.

I spent this morning, not gardening, but taking photos in the wind, while a shower passed overhead. With the warm weather this week, we've noticed a lot of growth in the vegie patch. The strawberries I planted last weekend have already started shooting, and I expect flowers very soon.

Strawberry plants

I have four rhubarb plants which hibernated underground over winter. They are all starting to emerge with the warmer weather - except mine look like they have a pest. My bet is snail or slug bambinos. They will be attacked with an organic pest remedy - a sharp spray from the hose - later.


The spinach I planted a month or so ago has been kept safe from the possums by our tried and tested fencing method, and is finally starting to grow. I'm looking forward to a season of spanakopita and spinach and ham tarts.


Lettuce - if this rain keeps up it won't bolt as quickly as it usually does, and we won't be faced with bitter, sappy lettuce.


And finally, the nectarine blossoms have really come on in the last week. They are the most perfect shade of pink, and they make me happy with the promise that spring is finally here (even thought I really, really love winter. It was just time for some colour in my garden!)

Nectarine Blossoms

Nectarine Blossoms

I've joined Bellgirl in Veg About. If you have a vegie patch, or want to start planting, come and join in and see what the other bloggers are doing.


  1. gardens are so full of promise, aren't they? The nectarine blossoms are gorgeous.

  2. love your garden photo's, those nectarine blossoms, oh my goodness, are beautiful. thanks for sharing.


  3. Loved all the garden photo's! I hope we get some of that warm weather too, I'm hanging out for some sunshine xo

  4. Nice vegies. It has been wild and wet hasn't it. Lots of trees down and pools of water. I am looking forward to a dry warmish weekend to get out into my garden to plant.


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