Friday, June 17, 2011


Recovery is awful. I'm sure it would be a pleasant place to be if you were a sloth or a hibernating bear, but when you are someone like me who is usually on the go all the time, with a finger in every pie and doing three things at once, it's just frustrating. You want to do things, but your body just won't let you. I used to be able to swim 20 laps at the pool. Now a walk to the local shops and back is a massive achievement (worthy of a two hour nap afterwards).

This week I had a little breakthrough, both in mind and body. I decided to get back on the crochet testing bandwagon again - last year I tested a couple of shawls for designers and it was a lot of fun. There are deadlines, negotiations, and deciphering of instructions. So I took on a small project to start with - a Ruffled Clutch Purse, by Chocolate Mints in a Jar. It was pretty quick - crocheted in a couple of hours.

Ruffled Clutch purse

It's lined and has a zipper. I think it's pretty cute, although probably not the easiest thing to crochet when you have a normally tight gauge.

Ruffled Clutch purse

I am now crocheting another shawl for my friend Patricia to go with her red cowl from the other day - it's called Solveig and I'm using Carrie's Fibrewebs Silky Merino sock yarn. I'm not a purple lover, but I'm loving this colour. It reminds me of bruised grapes.

Solveig scarf in progress


  1. Oh I hear your frustration!!! Do take care and give yourself time to recover.
    Lovely little pouch - so cute and such a delightful lining too... super sweet!

  2. Nice purple! My sympathies to you on the recovery process, it can be a very slow path sometimes :-(

  3. Very cute pouch I love the texture in the fabric and the same goes for the scarf - take care :)


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