Friday, November 4, 2011

To be where little cable cars climb half way to the stars

San Francisco - it's been a blast.

We've discovered places we didn't know existed. We've met some amazing people. Someone hung off the side of a cable car. That someone wasn't me. A shawl has been completed, and a hat commenced. My huge tummy scar has hurt every time we've had to stand up on a bus and climb one of the massive San Francisco hills. We had to mail home 13 pounds of books and fabric just so we could safely lug our suitcases down a flight of steep stairs from our "garden apartment" which it turns out is not in the garden as it would be back home, but has a view of the garden. From the second floor.

Our local cafe makes Banh Mi and we had our first ever yesterday. We'll have our second Banh Mi ever at lunch today.

But after lunch it's time to get on a plane and come home. I didn't think I'd want to go home, but I'm ready. And that's good.


  1. I love the crochet star pattern - where is it from? Is very effective. I went to S.F years ago -- your pictures have taken me back happily! I wish I could go again soon! Glad you've had a good time x

  2. What a perfect holiday you've had. Thank you for sharing.


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