Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22

For several years I've tried to keep to a theme for how I wrap Christmas gifts. Most years have involved brown paper and a variety of different ties - ripped Christmas fabric, gardening jute (in green! Of course!) or plain-old kitchen twine with a fancy vintage tag added.

Usually the Mister protests at my rather austere wrapping, especially when it comes to wrapping gifts for little kids who don't understand frugal sensibilities and spartan view points. So I leave the kid's wrapping paper up to him.

This year I embraced red and white as my colour themes, and so the search was on for some nice, inexpensive white glossy paper. Which is apparently impossible. I had my eye on easel paper that comes in rolls, but what Officeworks provided me was something much, much better.

Christmas wrapping

Flip chart paper. Yes. 50 sheets for $14. I have probably used about 3 sheets in total so far. Combined with some manilla mailing tags (also from Officeworks) and red and white baker's twine, I'm set for Christmas wrapping.

Christmas wrapping

Add in to the equation the cutest rubber stamp ever. Krafty Kuka showed me her reindeer stamp and I fell in love with it. Then she got me one of my own. Isn't she nice? I think so.

Christmas wrapping

The Mister found some cool Koala wrapping for the kids.

Christmas wrapping

It's a little tree, but it has a lot of heart.

Christmas tree


  1. I'm so happy that I got a beautiful package tied up with string and stamped with reindeers. Thankyouuuuuuu!

  2. I can't see any crack stars in any of those pics...(love your wrapping ideas though!)


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