Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saltwater girl

We headed to Cotton Tree this morning, inside the mouth of the Maroochy River. I finally got to feel the cool saltwater on my skin. It felt so good.

Back at the Headland, the surf is still huge and the surfers as passionate as ever about catching a good wave.

Today I am wearing my new Not Sorbetto top. And I'm thinking about an afternoon swim down at Cotton Tree. I need more saltwater on my skin.


  1. gorgeous shots! and you look great - holidaying suits you, i reckon! xo

  2. Cotton Tree is just a beautiful little place - make sure you head across the road to the bakery...mmmmmmm!!!

  3. Great shots!! Looks like a blissful part of the world. Keep relaxing and enjoying the swims...lucky you! xo


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