Sunday, May 6, 2012


My mum and dad are staying with us at the moment which is pretty awesome.

At one stage this weekend, mum, who made all my clothes for me right through to university, said she was surprised I ever became a sewer.

I told her I constantly surprise myself too. I hated sewing growing up. I was keener on those other 70s past times of latch hooking and copper art. And yet here I am at the age of 42 participating in something like Me-Made-May.

This week we had the Festival of Skirts, Tights and Cardigans.

May 2 - I made the skirt. And I got a haircut which doesn't look anything like the Flock of Seagulls 'do I asked for.

May 2 - Me Made May 2012

May 3 - I made the skirt and I started getting bored.

May 3 - Me Made May 2012

May 4 - I made the skirt and OMG how bored? I dyed my hair, I was so bored.

May 4 - Me Made May 2012

May 5 - I made the skirt, and not only that, it was always such a bad fit that on Friday and Saturday morning I cut two inches out of the back of it, including the zip, and sewed it back up with a new zip. I also shortened it by a centimetre and put new bias on the hem and OMG, New Skirt. Therefore no longer bored. This photo was taken at Gundaroo in the kitchen garden of Grazing. I am still daydreaming of the lovely White Jindabyne rabbit I ate at lunch.

Oh! I also made the brooch! Variety!

May 5 - Me Made May 2012

May 6 - we took the parentals to Berrima in the Southern Highlands. Dad's great-great-great grandmother testified against her rapist (a not-so-charming bushranger by the name of Paddy Curran) in court, and he was the first man hanged at Berrima Gaol in 1841 or something. So we went on a little pilgrimage, although it wasn't a family history session or anything. We had a lovely day. The sun was shining, the pies were plentiful and there's a patchwork store so mum and I were very happy.

Also, I made the skirt. WHAT A SURPRISE.

May 6 - Me Made May 2012

I am so sick of skirts, and the same old ones at that. I never thought I would say this, but I am. I would really love to make some new tops that are perfect for winter casual wear, like Style Arc's Lexley, except I am kind of scared of that pattern company, having a whole swathe of Style Arc patterns sitting in the naughty corner.

Or else learn how to sew knit fabric once and for all.

I am sure I'll be able to come up with something. Maybe not in May, but sometime.


  1. You make me laugh Michelle & I always appreciate a reference to the 80s...
    I am loving your skirts & wild fruity cardigans - keep it up lady, looking good!!

  2. I love your style and the way you mix colour and print! Unfortunately I don't have any advice on the knit fabric front. It scares the bejeezus out of me too.

  3. That's the exact Style Arc blouse I've been stalking. Shall we be brave together?

  4. I love that tartan skirt! I had some tartan pants in the mid 1980s and I thought I was completely the coolest thing ever...

  5. I love that apple skirt!
    And your hair looks great - love your dye job!

  6. I actually really enjoy sewing knits. They don't fray so I don't stress myself out over seam finishes. And I rarely hem them. Knits are good for lazy sewing. Love all your skirts! You can never have too many fun skirts. Those ankle boots are pretty fun, too.

  7. Oh the heart pattern one is just precious! Lovely brooch! Love love love it!

  8. They might be boring to sew, but what a versatile pattern. How good it must be to have a whole collection of excellent skirts to work so nicely with your Wow cardigan collection.
    I am quite scared of knits still.

  9. Color and cardis! My two favorite things when it comes to making outfits. Love!


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