Monday, May 14, 2012

The next eight days of Me Made May

I'll be honest. While Me Made May is fun and challenging, it's a little bit WTF when it comes to clothing yourself in me-mades while you're home from work sick with a bad cold. The next two days will therefore be challenging, however in the meantime, please enjoy (ha!) the last 8 days.

May 7 - Me Made May 2012

Monday 7 May. My parents were still visiting so I took them for a one hour sprint through the National Gallery of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Art galleries. Have you need there? You need to go. It's MAGNIFICENT. Blah blah me-made Not Sorbetto top and crocheted brooch.

May 8 - Me Made May 2012

I so enjoyed my four day weekend. But I was super excited to go back to work on Tuesday. Can you tell? Me-made skirt.

May 9 - Me Made May 2012

It was going to be 21 degrees this day which was warm. Me-made Not Sorbetto frock.

May 10 - Me Made May 12

Those tights are not pink. They are red. Me-made skirt.

May 11 - Me Made May 2012

Casual Friday. Me-made Not Sorbetto top.

May 12 - Me Made May 2012

Day one of illness. Me-made skirt, me-crocheted cardi, me-refashioned top and leggings. Regretting the combo of stripes and floral quite a lot now, but hey - I had a killer headache and I was thinking like a four-year-old when I got dressed that morning.

May 13 - Me Made May 2012

Day two of illness. Me-crocheted socks, me-appliqued top, mum-knitted Clapotis scarf.

May 14 - Me Made May 2012

Day three and it's starting to feel like I'm not getting better, but worse. I only got dressed today because I visited my GP- a nice man with a good sense of humour, but I doubted he'd agree to a consultation with me in my pink cupcake PJs.

Me-made skirt. Me-crocheted Toscane shawl.

Thoughts on this past week:

  • As much as I bitch and moan about my boring skirt collection, I think they are still pretty awesome skirts. I don't see anyone else wearing them at work and that's always a good thing
  • If it wasn't for sewing for the upcoming market on Sunday, I probably would have made 2 skirts for Cam's Skirt Sewalong by now (I challenged myself to make 4). But after Sunday night I'll be free as a bird to sew what I want.
  • I probably need to stop being so hard on myself.
  • I've come to the realisation that about 90% of the time I wear at least one me-made item of clothing. Cool!


  1. I think all those outfits are awesome! I'm sure I've told you before but I love your sense of style. I'm even loving the striped leggings and floral skirt (they rock).

    PS - I emailed your skirt advice and Bev was thrilled. Thankyou!

  2. get well soon! You do always look well dressed even on casual days...that's me made goodness. I particularly like your 4 year old dressing.....

  3. you are totally cool - love seeing what you are wearing.
    i'm a gutless wonder that's given up on making clothes

  4. Your skirt collection is fabulous. I love your style!

  5. ... and I was thinking I like the floral and striped legs combo ... yikes, maybe I think like a 4 year old???!!!


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