Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Except for 20-30 laps I do here each morning ...


...things have been pretty slow going around these parts.  We are both still on holidays.  It has been wonderful.

I'd like to blame the heat for our inactivity but for the first time in my life the heat hasn't affected me for some reason. And the heat has been horrendous for more than a week - we still have at least another 5 days of it. I suspect all that early morning swimming has a bit to do with it.

Enjoys the heat

We are doing a little gardening each morning. We saw a couple of movies last week. I did do a little tidying of my sewing room the other night. A whole new shelf is sorted. Unfortunately the rest of the house is fairly frightful.

But I haven't done any sewing for a week and it feels a little odd.  But good, a "I'm on holidays and I'll do what I like" kind of good.

Hopefully will be back in a few days with some sewing and quilting results.

But no promises!


  1. I went back to work realising I only got half of what I wanted to do done! But LOTS of relaxing, so I'm not complaining. Enjoy!

  2. Nice, relaxing and totally casual holidays! Sounds devine!!!

  3. We have been at that pool every day for the girl's lessons- a bit later than you are swimming laps I think. It's so lovely early in the morning. Enjoy your break, it sounds lovely.

  4. Sound just like my holidays....yeah!

  5. holidays are the best! I am hoping to start Imogen's swimming lessons next week.

  6. Hello lovely, found this and immediately thought of you and Cam. http://m.tickld.com/t/37053


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