Friday, April 18, 2014

Teaching EPP

A couple of weekends ago I taught a class in English Paper Piecing to five of the loveliest ladies I could have hoped to have in my first ever class. And it was held in the most amazing new crafting facility - The Makers' Hub at Macquarie, run by the gorgeous Mikaela from Canberra Creatives.

All set up

I have taught English paper piecing before, at Brown Owls and to friends, but not an organised class in a fabulous facility, for payment! So I was a bit excited. I made a whole heap of samples for the class, and some kits full of papers, needles, thread and acetate for the template.


Demo models

And then we got cracking with the class.  The needles and thread I like to use are both super fine. Fiona did a great job threading (also - nice nails!!)

Fiona threading.

I brought a whole heap of fabric from my stash, and let everyone pick what they'd like to work with. I love what they picked!

Julie's flower in progress

Jill's flower in progress

Wendy's flower in progress

A busy worktable, full of fabrics and stitching and morning tea!

Work table

Big thanks to Samara from Blonde Ink who taught the blogging workshop the day before, and left behind some beautiful and very delicious cupcakes for us! (Next time I will bake something).

Beautiful cupcake

Mikaela popped by to see what we were up to. She doesn't normally stand on stools to watch (she tells me).

The work table

At the end of the three hour class we had a beautiful array of EPP flowers, and the start of a new set of flowers. I was lovely seeing these ladies so excited about my addiction passion. I hope they carry their excitement through to many years of EPPing!

Thanks again ladies. And thanks to Mikaela for making the crazy idea I had over year ago a reality. Can't wait for the next class (June 29, if you want to come along!)

Canberra Creatives has some amazing workshops going on - cross stitch, painting, jewellery making, lamp shade making (can't wait to do this!) and lots of others. You can check out what's on over here.

Machine stitching tiny hexies to a onesie


  1. that's really awesome Michelle, congratulations on your first class! The little kits you put together were really cute, and would have instantly created a real sense of being part of something special + fun. Cat

  2. Go Michelle! What a buzz for you and the girls. And what a great concept. Wish we had something like this in the mountains. What's next?

  3. Congratulations on a successful class. There work looks just lovely, thanks to a great teacher obviously!


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