Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sydney Quilt Show - part 3

When I worked with my local quilt group's exhibition committee last year, I was always astounded by the generosity of the sponsors. Small businesses, and large businesses, all so keen to support quilt shows. Nevertheless, I was a little dumbstruck when I was handed my prize at the Sydney Quilt Show last weekend. Naturally, me receiving it in the roster room meant the other quilters on tea break wanted some show and tell so I got to open the massive cellophaned prize with everyone there which was pretty cool.

I was expecting a LOT of fabric as per the category notes which I was really excited about, but instead I got something even betterer! (totally a word)


A box (!) of 80 spools of Gutermann thread, perfect for dressmaking. I shall never have to buy thread for dressmaking again! Thanks to Gutermann.


A pair of Gingher dressmaking shears. I almost cried when I saw these - I've been saving up for a pair for ages (I have the embroidery scissors and they are the best scissors ever), and was finally going to purchase them at the Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair in a few weeks.  With so many thanks to the lovely Scissorman.



Fabrics from Lloyd Curzon. I have some interesting ideas for that fat quarter pack!  I also received a beautiful pattern by Michele Hill but I have no idea who provided that as part of the prize. Sorry!

I also received 2.1 metres of wool batting from Minijumbuk. Given it is #finishit2014 that will come in VERY handy.

Then a few days later I received a phone call from the guild. It seems I was missing some of my prize. I figured I'd already hit the jackpot, but nope.  A very generous cheque from Maru at Material Girls Down Under, and a gift voucher from Julie's Superior Threads were mailed to me, along with my certificate. I am just blown away. As if just winning the Modern category wasn't enough, I got amazing prizes too?  Thank you to all sponsors, and thank you to the Quilters' Guild of NSW. I am so proud to be a new member, and to see firsthand what an amazing organisation you are.

Now on to the rest of the show! The Craft part of the Craft and Quilt Fair side of things was amazing this year. There was a lot more room to wander around than there ever was at Darling Harbour. I didn't have much time by the time I looked at all the quilts and did my roster, but I did do a fair but of shopping!

Quilt show goodies

Cotton and Steel fabric and a Hex N More template from Material Obsession, some Triangle sets from Bloc Loc (I love these rulers so much), the Fancy Fox pattern from Kim Bradley (I also bought some more Cotton and Steel for a friend there) and some gorgeous big print fabrics from Sew Piecefully Patchwork.

Quilt show goodies

It was so lovely to meet the Quiltmania stall holders thanks to Kathy. They were just lovely. I spent ages there browsing - I had a list that was quite long of books I wanted to get! I was so happy to get the last copy of the Willyne Hammerstein book after the last 12 months of desperately desiring it. I have built up a great collection of Dutch quilt books over the years, and this is probably my favourite yet. Willyne's quilts are AMAZING. Sigh. I have plans. Big plans. Probably not till 2015.

(As you can imagine I have made all kinds of deals with myself so that I can start the Passacaglia quilt, and the Wall Flower quilt, and ... and ... and ...)


  1. Ohh Yummy prizes!!! And wonderful purchases too. I didn't buy much at the show this year I did however order Willyne's book from Quiltmania's website last week. Like you I've been eyeing it off for ages. Now I just have to wait patiently for it to arrive.

    1. Enjoy your Willyne book! I can't stop reading it. And I'm envious of her studio. Sigh.


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