Thursday, July 10, 2014

The hard slog

I love most sports, but I'm not much of a soccer fan until you add a Dutch team into the mix and suddenly I'm the most avid soccer fan you've ever met.

So on Sunday morning you would have found me here watching Netherlands v Costa Rica.


That's the perfect ironing board height to make perfectly curved clams for my Manhattan Clam quilt while I sit my half-Dutch backside on the sofa and yell loudly.


Speaking of clams, the quilt is progressing well, but I'm getting a little bit bored with it now. I can't explain it - I love the process, the fabrics, and the appliequing, but I am really, really looking forward to the quilting so I can't wait to finish the hand work and square it up!


The backing for a larger quilt was sewn together. Massive dots - I couldn't resist!


My physio gave me new exercises to strengthen my bad back this week, but he didn't mention anything about scrambling on the floor and pin basting a very large quilt. Probably because I didn't tell him I was thinking of doing it.


Result - one very sore Michelle, and a couple of big black bruises on each knee. But I don't care - the quilt is basted! Hooray!

I'm joining up with my friend Gemma's linky party this week.  (If you read Gemma's post you might also glean a little bit of exciting news that happened to me this week! But more on that next week when I get back from a little trip to Sydney.)

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  1. Love those clamshells!
    I didn’t realise your backside is half-Dutch. You might have told me, but my memory isn’t always working a 100%! I hope your sore back will be better soon! We need to be able to scramble on the floor!

  2. Fun, scrappy clams! I love scrappy and it is always fun to have a hand project.

  3. Lots of lovely clams there..just wondering what you use as a design wall as the single clams are gripping well to whatever it is...

  4. love the bottom pic rainbow and basting HSTs. Great fabric choices.!

  5. Congratulations!!! ... and that's not a reference to the soccer ...

  6. Oh those clams!! Superb!

    And basting, ugh. It seems so awful ha ha!

  7. Love those Hugemongous dots! Lots of quilt goodness :)

  8. Congrats Michelle! Your quilt looks fantastic hanging at the show. Well,done!

  9. Ohhhh....I love this clamshell quilt. I think i drooled over it when you started it a while back (unless that was another clamshell quilt). Can't wait to see this will be gorgeous!

  10. Love the clamshells and looking forward to seeing it when it is finished. The basted quilt looks great as well. Congratulations on your win.

  11. Wow, I love your clamshells!! And the big dot backing is fabulous!! I love those electric colours!!


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