Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Don't want to see you hear you be anywhere near you

I've a stunning case of gastro. It started yesterday morning, continued through a morning of work, where unlike 80% of the Department of Industry, I was trying to be industrious by not having a 4 day long weekend.

By 2 pm I was ready to take a cab home, but unfortunately (fortunately?) Mr QM was feeling equally crappy (sorry!) and drove both of us home. From there we both went to separate beds and didn't emerge (except for my frequent trips to the loo) until 8 this morning.

I am now feeling marginally better. I managed to get a couple of rows of Short and Sweet done while watching Sex and the City, but really, it was just a feeble attempt to take my mind off an extremely painful stomach.

Short and sweet - progress

Perhaps I should think about some soup and some dry toast for dinner, but then I wonder what the point of that would be? I don't fancy another night of this pain.

Short and sweet - progress

On the weekend, when we suspect all this intestinal trouble started, we went to Wagga for the wedding of our nephew Ashley and his sweetheart Ellen. It was a beautiful wedding in the botanic gardens, which I would show you if I had bothered to bring a camera. I managed to take a couple of rubbish photos with the Nokia at the reception. This one is of Mr QM, pre-gastro, with his big sister Carol. It was a good family turn-out with five of his eight siblings turning up (one of them being father of the groom, so he had no excuse for staying away).

Scott and Carol

It didn't rain for the ceremony, but it rained straight afterwards during the photos and all the way through the night. Ash and Ellen weren't worried though - they were having a fabulous day regardless of the rain.

Ellen and Ashley


  1. oh poor you and poor MrQM! What an awful ordeal. I was thinking of you today and wondering where you were, given the lack of blogging. Little did I know!

    Get well soon....

    And lovely family shots. The young couple looks so happy!

  2. Yoghurt and banana. Very easy both ways ;-)

  3. What a shitty thing to happen for a public holiday (sorry). Glad the wedding went well though and the rain didn't dampen spirits.

    Hope you're back to normal gastrolyte levels soon.

  4. Oh yuck, how horrible - I hope you're both on the mend. When I lived in the States the nurse practitioner there always put us on the 'BRAT' diet when we had tummy upsets : Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea (black) - the easiest things to digest.

    Glad the wedding went well - everyone looks very happy!

  5. I hope you are feeling better now..

    Glad the wedding was good..shame if you got sit there though..not a good memory to have from wedding..



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