Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let the stars keep on turning

My friend Cathy's brother Michael was in a terrible accident at the start of this year, and is currently residing in the spinal ward in a Sydney Hospital. Michael and his fellow spinal ward mates are doing Movember this year. If you haven't already sponsored someone with an ugly mo' at work, then please consider sponsoring Michael or one of his mates. All money is going to such a great cause.

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Now, on to more trivial matters! Finally I had a chance to steam block and photograph the Radiant Shawl. I think this took me about a week to make, and I didn't tire of making it once.

Radiant Shawl

Pattern: Radiant Lace Shawl from
Yarn Magazine issue 8

Yarn: Grignasco Bambino 4 ply baby wool in royal blue - 3 balls (672 m in total - I was left with 1 metre of yarn!)

Hook: 4.5 mm bamboo

Notes: This is so very soft. I could have made it bigger, but I liked the idea of a compact little shawl which just sat on the shoulders. I'll make another one - but with a bigger hook and a bigger span for my bigger shoulders. Plus next time I'll actually check my guage - I was naught with this one and didn't, hence the extra ball of yarn required.

Radiant Shawl - up close


  1. The colour of that yarn gets me everytime - I fall into its depth. A week is great progress, congrats. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Beautiful job, Michelle :) You make me want to crochet again.

  3. It looks fantastic - and in just a week! Well done!

  4. I love this piece. Well done. It's gorgeous and having touched it, it feels lovely!

    Movember is a great fund raiser!

  5. Its come up beautifully! I love this one too, gorgeous colour, gorgeous yarn - gorgeous!!

  6. that is just gorgeous! Wonderful job you have done there.


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