Thursday, November 22, 2007

Now she's thinking of the red soil and those mango trees

At work I'm absolutely drowning in financial profiles and project plans and mid year accounting reviews. Outside of work I'm absolutely drowning in crochet and baking and cleaning and sorting and laundry ... but the difference is I'm absolutely loving the stuff outside of work. How I would love to take 6 months off work right now...

But I digress.

The reason for such busy-ness at home is fourfold. My good friend P is coming to visit from Sydney this weekend. We are anticipating much coffee on the deck, Mr QM's home cooked breakfasts and long talks under the stars. On top of this, I'm co-hosting an election party with the lovely J and her daughter. Lucky for me I just get to bake and bring the stuff to J's house.

And before I move onto the last two reasons for busy-ness ...

'nuff said
That's all.

I've been crocheting Christmas gifts. Boteh was more than half done the other night when I discovered a big oops and had to rip out three triangles. The Radiant Shawl is looking lovely only I needed to get a third ball of wool today as I am a complete idiot (i.e. I didn't do a gauge swatch). The present for S will be a Crocus scarf and I have the yarn picked out - Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Bosco, a gorgeous yarn I picked up late one night while shopping at Simply Sock Yarn.

And finally, we are heading to Queensland 3 weeks from today and I am losing sleep over it. So much to do before we leave, although we have housesitters so that is one less thing to stress about.

Today I had a specialist appointment at Calvary, and on the way back to work I popped into Cassidy's at Jammo to pick up another ball of the Bambi for the shawl. And came out again with that plus 18 balls of Patons Totem in a gorgeous pale olive colour. $2 a ball. Sure, you can go to Cassidy's and see what else you can find, but I'm pretty sure Georgie and I have cleaned both stores out. Maybe. Probably.

So this turned into a post about absolutely nothing. I couldn't even rustle up a photo. Slacker. But isn't this rain lovely??


  1. Ooh, you did clean up at Cassidy's - well done!

    Hope the election party goes well and yeah, what the picture says.

  2. Ditto here for the picture... it's a leap of faith. You sound very organised - i just keep making lists, and thinking OMG! And we've got puddles here :)

  3. With you completely on two things: work is totally overrated and just takes up time we could be doing much more interesting things;

    and the picture. Oh yeah. Enjoy the election night party.


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