Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crocus pocus

Christmas gift number two is finished and blocked. Oh how I do love me a good steam blocking - the power of the pins and the steam and a rest on a comfy doona really does a crocheted item some good, doesn't it?

Crocus scarf - finished

Crocus scarf - detail

Pattern: Crocus scarf from
Knitting Daily/Interweave

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Bosco 100 g - I used only 63 g though

Hook: 3.25 mm bamboo

Notes: I made an extra pattern repeat as I wanted it to be wider. I also made the end edging plan old double crochet - I think the pattern in the scarf is loud enough without needing a frou-frou edging. I love how it worked up, and I will be making it again using a solid colour. This one is a gift and I'll be sad to part with it.

I had a wonderful afternoon today at the delightful Bells' house having afternoon tea with fellow yarn people. During the week I'd managed to snaffle some of Donni's alpaca yarn on Etsy and she hand delivered the parcel - it is just so beautiful and soft and lovely. Almost as much fun as a Koigu pet! I'm giving it to Mum so she can knit me a Clapotis.

Habu Alpaca Yarn

Four sleeps to go and only one-and-a-half days left at work before I take almost a month off. All the fruit cakes have been made, the housesitters have been briefed and Mr QM was a trooper and mowed the lawn. I think we are on track!


  1. The crocous is very lovely, and yes I agree with you that the edging is much nicer than the first one. Noice!

  2. Beautiful scarf, and thanks for the notes on your modifications! I've had to put a crocus scarf on my very long list of things to crochet now.

  3. it's a beautiful scarf. You should be very proud. And post blocking - wow, what a difference. Just lovely.

  4. I love your scarf - great pattern, gorgeous yarn! Learning to crochet is next on my list...

  5. Waiting to see a finished clap.....


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