Saturday, December 1, 2007

Almost done

First things first - Simply Sock Yarns is having a fabulous sale on some Opal, Meilenweit and a heap of other sock yarns. Run! Don't walk! Unless you are like me and are on a yarn diet too ... in which case I am more than happy to sit here with you while we fondle Patons Totem together.

You will remember that I had three Christmas gifts to crochet. I have done the shawl, and now have two scarves to finish off. If I can get one Christmas cake made by today, I'm giving myself the night off so that I can hopefully finish both gifts by the end of the weekend.

I started the Crocus scarf last night and it's looking really lovely. Too bad I can't get a decent photo of the colour - it is a lovely striped sock yarn with shades of avocado - greens and yellows. Just beautiful, and I'm so glad I found a nice pattern to use this yarn with.

Crocus Scarf

This rain we've been having for the last 24 hours is just divine. This morning I noticed my tomato plants had shot up by about a foot in the last week and I had to quickly stake them. My snow peas are actually giving me snow peas! That's what we are having in our salad for tea tonight. We have started feeding friends and neighbours with our lettuce - Leisl got a bag over the fence this morning, and Patricia took a big bag back to Sydney with her last Sunday (along with about 500 frozen quiches).

And this afternoon we noticed some strange looking weeds near our recently-planted pittosporum hedge. Weeds? Tomato plants! I have no idea what happened, but neighbours tell us this area used to be the old vegie garden before we moved in. Perhaps when we dug the soil to plant the hedge, tomato seeds in the ground germinated? Or perhaps the homemade compost we added to the soil had given us more than nutrients, although I'm pretty sure I learnt in botany that you couldn't grow tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes. We get most of our tomatoes from the farmers' market though, so maybe?

We are going to dig them up and re-plant them at the back of the garden to see what happens. Stay tuned.

Twelve sleeps until we leave for Queensland. Can't wait.


  1. oh yes you can! Our tomato haul last year consisted almost entirely of self sewn tomatoes from our compost! They worked a treat.

    that is such a pretty pattern. I'll look forward to watching it grow.

    Sale? What sale? I do not need to know about any sale!

  2. oh my gaw, I am so jealous of your tomatoes!!!!
    Mum said hers have grown a couple of inches in the past week too, and she has some self-seeders.
    Mine are, well, special.
    And some slimey bastard has been eating my snow peas =(


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