Thursday, December 27, 2007

"What I did on my summer holiday" by Quiltingmick, age 38

Holidays can be tough

You know, this holiday business can be really quite difficult. The surf, the sun, the relaxation, the reading. Spending that much time in close quarters with family is never easy but I still like to think we had a Good Time.

Sewing in the tropics

Some sewing on the 2010 Canberra Quilters Exhibition Entry was done.

Radiant Shawl progress #1

On night two of our holiday, somewhere in the wilds of Bellingen, I got started on another Radiant Shawl. Any wonky stitches are purely the work of a gin-deranged crafter, and not necessarily of this artist.

There was much swimming, a little sun, visiting of my aunt and uncle in the hinterland, a couple of trips to BrisVegas to see a dear friend and the christening of the little one...

Full belly.

And Christmas lunch QM family-style. Sensational baked ham and turkey by my brother, cooked prawns provided by mum and salads provided by Hugo's nana and myself. Just lovely.

We just got home tonight after two very long days on the road. The house sitters even made us dinner! And we got to pick some produce from our over-exuberant garden. The garden looks like we've been away or much longer than two weeks. I anticipate that many hours will be spent taming tomato plants tomorrow.

Bountiful harvest

But first, sleep.


  1. yay! She's home! Welcome home. Isn't coming home to a veggie garden fabulous? Same thing happened to us after a trip to QLD last summer. Amazing. Have fun!

  2. aaaaaaaaah look at all those snow peas!!!!
    gorgeous! =)
    Glad the trip went well =)

  3. I said the same as Bells, straight away! So glad you had Good Time, and Happy New Year!


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