Friday, February 29, 2008

Purple haze all in my eyes

It happened again. A Friday afternoon haircut at Jamison, a quick trip to Cassidy's next door ... and we have a dilemma.

Twenty-four balls of dilemma. In pale mauve.

Shit. What's happened to me?

But never fear, my dear friends. I have a solution, and we shall forevermore call it "Using the stash - dedicated project #5".

Stash: Patons Jet in pale mauve colour 103.

Patons Jet

Issue: I bought it on 29 February 2008. When I was on a yarn diet. A quick getaway is required.

Solution: I've been longing to make the Fisherman's Sweater from Crochet Today! for the longest time, but I never had enough yarn on the bed o' stash in worsted weight. When I saw this today, I spent about 20 minutes having an argument with myself. Because, you know, it's
PURPLE. And it's pale. And I only usually do dark greens and reds and greys and browns and blacks. And apparently now, purple. I just really, really liked this yarn. Anyway, I bought all 24 balls, got it home and looked a the pattern - and discovered I needed a riduculous 28 balls. Bloody crochet and it's yarn guzzling qualities! I'll be calling Kingston tomorrow morning in a quest to locate another four balls. All I can say is, I'm glad this stuff was only $2 a ball. I could never justify spending $6 a ball at regular price for this project.

Fisherman's jumper

And in Preppy Tank news, she's getting closer to the wet block and a slipstitch seamin'.

Preppy Tank - in progress

And then Dedicated Project #3 will be done, and not a moment too soon. This morning was decidedly nippy - I hope this doesn't mean the end to the warmth though. As much as I love winter, I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet.


  1. tee hee. When you need an intervention, you'll let us know won't you?

    Me, I approve of purple. Glad to see you on this side!

  2. It's ok. Pale mauve at dusk will look grey.

  3. Totally divine colour and I have just the project for it if you really don't want it.... ;)

  4. Lovely! I'm showing my ignorance, but I didn't realise you could do cables with crochet. And you're in charge of the yarn diet - maybe the famine starts in March?

  5. That pattern really is amazing. And needs a pale coloured yarn to show it off properly. So totally needed a mauve/grey. It was meant to be...

  6. Oooooh QM $2 jet!!!
    You can't, and shouldn't, say no to $2 jet!!
    Seeing other people with $2 jet makes me so jealous!! hehe
    Anyway, yo uhave a project assigned already, so it doesn't even count as stash does it??
    And if someone said they'd sell you hours of entertainment and a gourgeous jumper for $48 would you have said no??

  7. I like the color! I did the Starter Scarf from the same issue, it was wicked fun.


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