Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown to Christmas: 14

There are 14 days to go until Christmas Day. Why am I not panicking? Why do I feel so calm? Is it because I have more time available to me, with not going away this year? I'm not sure, but I am really looking forward to almost two weeks off work.

I am not looking forward to Summernats. No I'm not. But that's for another post.

As mentioned previously, I'm trying to make this a simple, handmade and locally-oriented Christmas. So far it's working, although I'm going to run into strife when it comes to certain book-loving members of the family. I suppose if I shop for books at a local bookstore, that will be OK. Do you think?

So with 14 days to go, I though I might share some of the projects I've been working on. Strangely there has been no rush in doing these. I've been calm, making thing simple for myself, and enjoying every moment of creating. How can this be? This doesn't sound like me. At. All.

Stitched stockings

I have joined
Meet Me At Mike's Christmas stocking stitch-along. I am a terrible embroiderer, but I love doing it. The moment I pick up a needle and thread and put the fabric in a hoop, I feel my blood pressure go down and a feeling of serenity comes over me. There is little talking, just the gentle rhythm of the needle going through the osnaberg. I once stitched my way on the train from the bottom of the West Coast of the USA, all the way to Canada, and back again. I think it might be my favourite thing to do.

Crocheted washcloths

I started my first (ever) washcloth at Tilley's during Monday night's SnB, and have since made two washcloths and started another. I am gifting two of them - along with a bar of lovely soap - tomorrow night at a dinner I am having with friends. I think every woman in my family will also be receiving one for Christmas this year. They are so addictive, and the perfect thing to crochet on the bus - I can make one in a day's commute.

Summer clothes sewing

And finally, some summer clothes sewing. Like
Kuka, I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear. I have boxes and boxes of beautiful summer fabrics, so I've put my foot down and decided to make some clothes. First cab off the rank is a pair of brown linen pants, and a pink blouse. I think I can do it. Here's hoping I don't get distracted between now and autumn.


  1. You sound the most serene you've been in a long time!

    Love all your work!

  2. You just reminded me that I bought some handmade soap about a month ago with the intention of making some washcloths. What did you use to make them?

  3. These all look great - love the embroidery. I wish it lowered my blood pressure - unfortunately, it seems to have the complete opposite effect on me!

    But crochet - now that's a good thing! Love the washcloths.

  4. The calmness may be catching! I know I should be stressed, but this time I'm going with the flow. Love the embroidery - I haven't even traced mine yet! And you know that I love washcloths. I think that they're such a lovely gift with a nice bar of soap! And dressmaking - this post really had it all, didn't it! Very enjoyable.

  5. Michelle, this sounds like a whole new you..well done. I opted for the KISS principle myself long ago and it sure works for me. Good to see it isn't stifling your creativity.

  6. I love that embroidery. I haven't embroidered for about 20 years. I hadn't realised it could be so cool.

  7. everything looks lovely and im glad the process is making you so serene, at this time of year especially!

  8. You could shop for books at Smith's Bookshop on Alinga Street in Civic - they're a lovely, locally owned bookshop. They sell books by Canberra authors as well, if you want to be really local.

  9. Ooooh, I love the look of those washcloths! What pattern are you using? I'd love to make some for the bun in the oven!


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