Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Gillian, you’re up with the sun

Look what the clever girls at James Cook University library in Cairns did! (That's my mum in the background.)

Book Christmas Tree

It's already been a busy day here at Casa Quiltingmick. I had a rush of energy late last night which led to a shop update at 1 am. After only a few hours sleep I was up at 7 am and headed for the farmers' market. Back home for a quick cup of tea, and then on the treadly back to the markets to sing with my choir. It's starting to get hot out there!

Now I'm back home again. I'm just going to take it easy for the rest of the morning, and maybe write some Christmas cards. And then it will be on. I'm hosting a Christmas party tonight. Fortunately I made it a "bring a plate, a bottle and a chair" party so there's really not much to do except mow the lawn, light the mosquito coils, and sweep the deck while my mini quiches are in the oven.

And buy some ice for the laundry tub.

And chill my beer.

And decorate the pergola with tinsel.

And warm up the tonsils, as when we sing tonight we'll be competing with the noisy frogs in the pond.

Water Lily

P.S. This stuff is now in the shop.

My creation


  1. Love the book tree!
    Like the sound of the party too - very easy (pretty much). Hope it's a good one and not too hot (it's boiling in Sydney today...)

  2. The fabric with the houses is such fun, and I envy your sewing skills. Enjoy your day. I'm just going to sit very still in front of the fan and wait till autumn.

  3. hehe I love the Christmas tree, very creative! That ginko leaf fabric is lovely, I was eyeing that exact colourway off this week.

  4. oh great new fabrics, very nice!! love the tree idea too - hi qms mum! have a lovely party xx

  5. That book tree is just fabulous! Lovely new shop stock too - and I reckon the weather's perfect for a party tonight - have a good one :)

  6. Great tree, and beautiful fabrics! I love what you've made for the shop...

  7. The library tree is amazing!
    Hope you have a lovely evening...sounds divine.

  8. "there's really not much to do except mow the lawn, light the mosquito coils, and sweep the deck while my mini quiches are in the oven."

    Yeah, I will never get over how odd a southern hemisphere Christmas sounds to me!! Although perhaps one day I can experience it for myself. I'm not so much for being cold...

  9. Those Waifs are fabulous aren't they? I always think of my Mum when I he4ar that song. Just been listening to them all the way home from Mum's(2hr)on repeat. Hope your party went well :-)

  10. I do love that waifs song - and the books tree is inspired. It was very nice to catch up.

  11. Hi Michelle, LOVE the Christmas tree. I am the marketing co-ordinator for the AUT University Library in Auckland, NZ, and I wondered if you'd give me permission to use the photo in our internal staff newsletter?
    My email:


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