Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Be orange

I swear to you, this is not a food blog. Two food posts in a row? Ridiculous! I promise you that crochet content will resume tomorrow, even if it's crochet fiction because I haven't actually finished my latest project in time!

Homemade apricot icecream

As mentioned yesterday, I made apricot icecream. I'd never made icecream before, but I was leafing through Tessa Kiros' Twelve for an apricot jam recipe, and came across the recipe for Gelato di albicocche. It sounded so simple I couldn't resist.

And it was simple. And bloody delicious. I tweaked a few of the ingredients, mainly because if you're going to buy cream in 300 ml pots and whole milk in 300ml cartons, what's the point of using only 250 ml of it?

Gelato di albicocche (Apricot ice cream)
Makes about 1 litre (4 cups)

400 g or so of ripe apricots
300 ml thick (single) cream (I used black and gold thickened)
300 ml milk
220g caster sugar

Remove the stone from the apricots and pulverise in a blender until smooth. In a mixing bowl (I used a glass Pyrex bowl so that I could mix and then put it straight in the freezer - much easier) add the sugar, milk and cream, and then whisk (by hand or with electric beaters) them together until the sugar is dissolved. Whisk in the pureed apricots, cover the bowl (I used tin foil) and put in the freezer for an hour.

After an hour, remove the bowl and whisk again. Put back in the freezer.

After two hours, remove the bowl and whisk again, energetically. Put back in the freezer.

Let the icecream freeze for another few hours until it is almost solid, and whisk one final time.

At this point I put the almost frozen slop into a plastic container with a lid - just for ease of use, and to take up less room in my freezer. And I let it freeze solid overnight.

When it's time to eat, leave the container of icecream on the bench for a few minutes before serving. It's just easier to scoop.



  1. Homemade ice cream is on my list of things to make this summer...I love apricots so I'll definitely have to give this recipe a try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am not worthy of your awesome cooking skills. That looks just amazing! I like it!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    sorry i am too busy drooling to say anything clever!

  4. wow - that's amazing!! so easy! I wonder if it would work with bananas?

  5. That looks delicious and sounds easy!!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. That looks so delicious, its making my mouth water.

  7. Excellentio - will definitely try out this weekend. Now, what to do with the other kilo of apricots from the in-laws's tree?

  8. Oh nice work. That looks and sounds easy and delicious.

  9. That good and that easy..WOW! I will have loads of cooking peaches soon - I wonder if they would work too??

  10. My most popular past time these holidays has been eating and my craving has been for strawberry gelato, but that apricot ice cream sure looks delicious.

  11. oh my, I made yoghurt today but this looks waaaay better!! yummo

  12. I read your post at work the other day, came home to a 3kg bag of apricots on my doorstep. How serendipitous. Now sitting hear eating delicious apricot icecream :)



  13. I'm off to the shops for cream and apricots!


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