Saturday, January 3, 2009

One little word

I don't do new year's resolutions. I actually think resolutions are a crock of shite, borne out of that quiet period between Christmas lunch and 3 pm on New Year's Eve, when there is really nothing to do except think about what is wrong with your life.

Not that I don't want to improve things in my and others' lives. Oh no - I would just rather it happen all year, rather than in the three days into the new year.

So I was interested to read Ali Edwards' blog and her
One Little Word for 2009.

One little word defining what you want to do and where you want to go is brilliant. So I thought, and thought ... and decided it's really hard to come up with one little word to encompass so, so much. And then late one night, it hit me.

One little word

Be creative.
Be smart.
Be patient.
Be at peace with my choices.
Be kind.
Be industrious.
Be me.
Be an awesome cook.
Be resourceful.
Be generous.
Be willing to let things go.
Be frugal.
Be funny.
Be loving.

So that's my one word. What would your one little word be?


  1. My word is Enjoy. I really love your choice and the words that accompany it.

    Have a fabulous year.

  2. see I don't see it as a crock. I agree that evaluation should happen during the year and for lots of people, I'm sure it does. But the new year feels to me like a marker, a point at which to look back and forward with a clear line to help me see. I like it. But I don't call them resolutions. I just like to reflect and choose ways forward.

    Each to their own.

    Be is a good word. A very good word.

  3. My word would be active. Be active, think active, be pro-active.

    I like the definition of the years end/beginning as a sign post for assessment, during the year everything gets a little lost and this time of year encourages me to stop and think.

    How did clearing the decks go for you?

  4. My word is happy. I don't really care what the hell else happens to me, I just want to be HAPPY!

  5. Be is great. I would probably go with savor as my word for 2009!

  6. I must say Im with Bells and Leonie - I always get a little introspective this time of year and use it as a marker to try and go forward. But I agree that you cant make one list then walk away and say it done - gotta be all the time.

    My word....needs thinking. But I'll find it hard to tops yours. I'll add "Be in the moment".

  7. I like that word. I like to also reflect on the year and what I would like to improve on for the next. I will have to think about my word though - it is hard to top be.

  8. Be is a good word - a guy in india on a train said to me once that westerners spend too much time becoming and not enough time being.

    My word would be 'think'.

  9. I'm doing this too! My word is Live!

  10. Hm... I've only had a minute to think but maybe mine would be 'release'.

  11. Love yr post and Tinniegirl's ENJOY.
    I think my word would be POSITIVE.


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