Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to relax #1

There's been a little bit of this, using Pip's recipe.

Chocolate cake

Eaten during the Farside Quilters' meeting at my house on Monday night, but there's still some left over. Lucky, lucky me!

I've also been taking in the beauty of a winter garden, cold and soggy after a day and two nights of rain. Most of the deciduous trees are now bare, except for a couple of viburnums who are hanging on to their red leaves as long as possible. And it's hard not to smile at the berries on our Nandina domestica.

Most importantly, there has been a little bit of couch-sitting, rain-gazing, catching up on my beloved crime shows, and crocheting.

Socks in progress

And most importantly I've been learning to breathe again.


  1. Breathing is good. I've been trying to work on that myself.

    The cake looks lovely!

  2. All good things Michelle. Take some more breaths!

  3. The socks look interesting, haven't tried crocheted ones yet. Glad you are able to slow down.

  4. ah yes - learning to breathe and relishing this rain - it is a good time to not be working

  5. OMGosh look at that cake - yum! And everything else - great pictures. Glad you are breathing again (it's nice, that breathing business, isn't it!!)


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