Sunday, June 14, 2009

International jetsetter arrives in Canberra

I've had a very special guest stay with me in Canberra this weekend. It was a bit intimidating, really. She is gorgeous, her makeup is perfect, and she's fashion obsessed, having spent the last 12 months visiting fashion designers from Japan to Europe, the US, Asia and now Australia.

Her name is Coco Moon. Poor little thing - she arrived smack bang in the middle of a cold spell, direct from steamy Hong Kong. But today she rugged up in appropriate (but fashionable, of course!) clothing and I took her for a tour of my town, man-flu and all. It was a bit cold and blustery but we planned for refreshments along the way, and I had a wonderful time showing her the sights of what I think is a pretty special part of the world.

First stop - Parliament House. Check out those gorgeous blue skies!

Coco Moon at Parliament House

Coco Moon really wanted to see the Vanity Fair exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, but wasn't impressed by the banning of photographs inside the exhibition. So we decided not to go inside.

Vanity Fair exhibition

(I suspect she thinks she might make a good model for a future issue.)

We walked down to Lake Burley Griffin. I love the south side of the lake. We sat on the lake wall and soaked up the winter sun.

Basking in the Winter Sun

Despite the sun, we were starting to freeze through and through. We had a lovely cup of hot chocolate and some apple crumble at Tilley's.

At Tilleys

Coco Moon was impressed that the girls at Tilley's had a Blythe-sized cup for her hot chocolate!

With fingers and faces warmed up, we changed into our hiking gear and headed up the slopes of Mt Majura.

Coco Moon bushwalking

Any international guest in our house gets taken to the bush so they can see some wildlife and smell the eucalypts. We were lucky today, and got to see some kangaroos!


Coco Moon leaves for Japan tomorrow - even though her stay has been super-short, I'm really going to miss her.

You can see some of her other travels over at Flickr and on her blog.


  1. So cool!!
    Nice to meet you Coco Moon!

  2. She is spectacular !!! and obviously a lovely house guest as well.

  3. Coco must be exhausted after all of that sightseeing in our nations capital. I hope she's all snuggled up in bed so that she can continue her adventures tomorrow.

  4. ooh it looks like you both had an excellent day! =)

  5. I love international guests who are that much fun to look after! I"m glad you had a great day...

  6. She has great tights and she did a lot for such a short stay!!

  7. I hope you had fun with her:) I love the idea of a Blythe to come visit me but I would be awfully nervous about it too. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her.


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